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Being a rural woman can be isolating sometimes and it can be a challenge to find like-minded people in your local area! Loneliness and isolation can be a very real and impactful experience for women living in rural areas, but with the incredible digital access we have now and the tools we use, it doesn’t have to be that way.

We understand that fitting in and standing out aren’t always compatible and rural living can be restrictive for achieving your true potential. Our research during the past 9 years has shown that rural women who participate in a powerful online community like THE Rural Woman become more closely connected in their local community, have reduced feelings of isolation, and experience an increase in both professional and social relationships.

It’s just one of the benefits of being a part of THE Rural Woman!

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Learn. Teach. People Who Get It.

In rural communities we’ve become very used to ‘experts’ from the ‘outside’ telling us what to do…the fly in, fly out consultant or trainer from the city is a common experience.

Not with THE Rural Woman! We value life-long learning from contextually appropriate sources – which means ALL of our hosts and experts are women with lived experience of rural life and many years of expertise in their chosen field. One day you might be the learner and the next, the teacher – that’s what we love about THE Rural Woman.


No subject off limits. No solution impossible.

THE Rural Woman is a safe space to explore your ‘edges’ – the area where you get the best growth, the places in life where we are uncomfortable or daring to take the next step. THE Rural Woman is the place to celebrate your wins, to ask difficult questions, to get honest perspectives, practical solutions and great ideas or next steps.

We have spent the past 7 years creating a safe, supportive, nurturing and self-reliant space where rural women can share, learn and grow together. We’ve been through it all together, droughts, floods, fires, a global pandemic and the women who lean into this community – they are the true definition of resilience and resourcefulness.

With 700+ active members, it’s likely that someone has been through what you are going through and you can tap into their wisdom on any subject area. Rural women are brilliant connectors, so it’s likely if someone doesn’t know it, they know someone who does and can make the connections for you!

Amplifying THE Voice of Rural Women

Ready to bloom where you are?

When a rural woman blooms, all around her blooms too. It’s a powerful and deeply felt ripple, which we’re proud to see sweeping across Australia.

Our commitment is to meet rural women where they are and connect them to the tools, networks and opportunities they need to thrive in their personal life, work, business and community – right wherever they are!

We want all rural women to have the ability to #livelocalgrowglobal.

Members from across rural Australia
digital reach per month
Live Online Events each year
circulated in rural communities through new revenue generated by Members

Join Our Online Community

Connect with hundreds of rural women in dozens of different specialty areas to expand your network, generate new business, make new friends, learn new skills and evolve! With a focus on personal and professional development THE Rural Woman Community is a space where contribution yields generous returns! The first step is to join THE Rural Woman Co-operative.

How Can We Support You?

THE Rural Woman was founded as a company in 2014. THE stands for #Thriving #Healing and #Evolving. We recently took the exciting step to become a member owned Co-operative with a mission to support the advancement of rural women and girls. We aim to reconnect them with their most powerful voice, and provide the platforms from which that voice can be amplified. While our structure has changed, our intent and passion for supporting rural women has only strengthened.

THE Rural Woman is made up of its core community, THE Rural Woman Co-operative which includes access to online events, programs and coaching for thousands of rural women. This is underpinned by our Continuing Professional and Personal Development program we refer to as BLOOM.

Through these services we have supported rural women to start and scale businesses, launch new career paths, learn new skills, improve their financial security and build wealth. We’ve assisted rural women in improving their relationships, to leave unhealthy situations, transition to new locations and develop life-long friendships.

THE Rural Woman is a safe, supportive online community.


Become a Member of THE Rural Woman Co-operative

Receive rebates, subsidies and discounts on products and services the Co-op delivers and contribute to the advancement of rural women and girls!



Continuing Personal & Professional Development – BLOOM

Providing a diverse range of learning, skills development and application, networking, & accountability options and support, that are online, flexible, engaging and delivered by people who really understand you!



Educational Programs Delivered By Rural Women For Rural Women

Our expert facilitators deliver online programs developed specifically to meet the needs and aspirations of rural women. We currently offer programs in Wellbeing, Leadership, Regenerative Agriculture and Business.



Digital, Business or Life Coaching

Easy and affordable access to a network of incredible rural women coaches with a diversity of skills, experience and an understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by rural women.


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The Journey of THE Rural Woman

Since 2014 the vision of THE Rural Woman has not waivered, the intent has always been #thriving #healing #evolving Rural Women #bloomingwheretheyare. The journey of how, and what and who has been as varied and fun as any good adventures should have been. It’s been made richer by sharing it!
THE Rural Woman

Member Owned

As a Member Owned Cooperative we are focused on the advancement of rural women and girls.

Together we are enabling the connection of rural women and assisting them to improve their wellbeing, agency and/or financial security, through education, training, networking, mentoring, and financial opportunities. THE RW Cooperative delivers a number of products and services that support the advancement of rural women and girls and helps us support the achievement of a number of UN Sustainable Development Goals. As a Member you will receive benefits related to these products and services as well as being given many opportunities to contribute to the governance and strategic direction of the organisation.  Your investment of $44 (joining fee) and then only $99 a year (27 cents per day) will open up a world of opportunity, connection and support.

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2015 Google & Regional Australia Institute
Regional Online Heroes Award

2016 Lexus and Collective Magazine
Start Up Award

2019 Women in Tech Challenge
Coup de Coeur Du Jury Jurys’ Choice Award (Paris)