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Being a rural woman can be isolating and sometimes, the people in your local area aren’t your people – we get that and we understand that diversity and commonality aren’t mutually exclusive and sometimes you need both. In fact, our research has shown that rural women who particulate in a powerful online community like THE Rural Woman become more closely connected in their local community, like their ‘tribe’ magically appears in their town after all these years of feeling alone.

It’s just one of the benefits of THE Rural Woman!

Learn. Teach.People Who Get It.#alltheanswersliewithin

In rural communities we’ve become pretty used to experts from outside telling us what to do…the fly in fly out consultant or trainer from the city is a common experience.

Not with us. We value life-long learning from contextually appropriate people – which means ALL of our hosts and experts are women with lived experience of rural life and expertise in their chosen field. One day you might be the learner and the next, the teacher – that’s what we love about THE Rural Woman.

No subject off limits.No solution not possible.

THE Rural Woman is a safe space to explore your ‘edges’ to celebrate, to ask difficult questions, to get honest perspectives, practical solutions and great ideas or next steps. With 450+ active users, it’s likely that someone has been through what you are going through and you can tap into their wisdom on any subject area. Rural women are brilliant connectors, so it’s likely if someone doesn’t know it, they know someone who does and can make connections!

Isolation is a superpower

Loneliness and isolation can be a very real and impactful experience for women living in rural areas, but with the incredible digital access we have now and the tools we use, it doesn’t have to be that way.

We have spent the past 6 years creating a safe, supportive, nurturing and self-responsible space where rural women can share, learn and grow together. We’ve been through it all together, droughts, floods, fires, a global pandemic and the women who lean into this community – they are the true definition of resilience.

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Ready to bloom where you are?

We bloom in Lightning Ridge (NSW), Weld Range (WA), Surat (QLD), and Ballarat (VIC), to name a few. We know that when a rural woman blooms, all around her blooms too. It’s a powerful and deeply felt ripple, which is proudly sweeping across the world.. 

We’re here to bring you all the tools you need to grow and nurture you, your work, idea or business and your community – right where you are, wherever that is! #livelocalgrowglobal.

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Some of our members


Owner of Essential System Solutions

Linda has assisted start-ups through to franchises and business owners running their own multi-million dollar businesses.


The Community Entrepreneur

When Pat’s role evolved to organising conferences and workshop in what would become a market leader in its field in Europe, she did this without any formal marketing knowledge.


Total branding and worthy content

Dinah is a qualified designer working in the alternative bridal sphere. She is quietly creating a green revolution in wedding dresses using her knowledge of fashion systems to create dresses that are sustainable and ethical.


Self-confessed Ideas Generating Machine

Cathryn Mahon is a self-confessed Ideas Generating Machine. She loves developing new concepts and business ideas, and making her own opportunities. Her superpowers are being a disruptor (She was nicknamed Cyclone Cathryn by her kindergarten teacher!) idea generating, troubleshooting, talking to people & inspiring others.

How YOU can bloom with US

THE Seed Scheme

For rural women who need support, education and connections to get their business, enterprise or big idea off the ground! We match you up with complementary rural organisations who are also passionate about reinvesting in the economic and social future of rural Australia!


THE Rural Woman

For any rural woman who wants to THRIVE in her rural location and has the desire to be part of a supportive community of like-minded women to connect and collaborate with, learn from, buy from and be supported by! This is the world’s largest network of rural women passionate about changing the world, right from their rural location. 

THE CEO School

For rural women with small to medium-sized businesses, who need clarity and support around the direction they want to take their business, and help to successfully scale. We will be your short-term CEO, while you develop the skills, or structure your business so you can hire your dream CEO, letting you bloom where you are!



2015 Google & Regional Australia Institute
Regional Online Heroes Award

2016 Lexus and Collective Magazine
Start Up Award

2019 Women in Tech Challenge
Coup de Coeur Du Jury Jurys’ Choice Award (Paris)

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Before THE Rural Woman bloomed, I was one of those ‘you have to move to the city to “make it”’ believers and becuase I’ve always lived rurally, it meant I felt like I had failed (even though that wasn’t true!)

Eventually, I decided that a rural woman blooms best where her heart is, so I gave myself permission to love my rural location and embrace the incredible opportunities to #livelocalgrowglobal.

Since 2015, through THE Rural Woman, I’ve been nurturing and delighting in seeing the seeds I planted back then, to create a space where rural women could reconnect with their most powerful voice and then have a platform for that voice to be amplified. I’ve been humbled and inspired daily at the capacity rural women have for growth and #thriving #healing and #evolving.

I am passionate about dismantling isolation in rural areas and connecting brilliant, entrepreneurial rural women through mentoring, training and community-focused technology.

When I’m not brainstorming new ideas for THE Rural Woman, you can find me spending time with my family and friends, or harvesting veggies from my garden, meditating, reading or running (sparodically…when I have a goal!).

I’m truly one of the lucky ones.

Not only do I get to live and work in one of the most beautiful areas in rural Australia, but I’ve found my life’s purpose and I wish that for you too.

May you bloom where you are,


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