About Us

Launched in 2015, THE Rural Woman was founded on the belief that if a rural woman blooms, all around her bloom too.

It’s a powerful and deeply felt ripple.

By 2041 we will have directly contributed to an increase of 25% in rural population and will have developed measurability and witnessed a significant improvement in the quality of life, social and economic resilience, recognition of and contribution by rural women around the world.


We aim to reverse the trend of rural decline through the expansion THE Rural Woman– a genuinely collaborative global online community connecting millions of rural women who support each other to realise their full potential. The outcome is vibrant and dynamic rural communities experiencing unprecedented growth and opportunity.

We will achieve this by helping rural women overcome their most prominent barrier to reaching their full potential – isolation.


We believe the antidote to isolation is connection, which we provide by creating cutting edge digital platforms, like THE Rural Woman! In years gone by, connection for rural women came with a hefty price – the cost of travel and events, time away from home and loved ones, but not anymore.

By tapping into the power of the internet and creating a one-login platform, we provide safe, supportive and creative online learning, networking and transformational spaces and experiences to explore and expand life’s edge – without leaving the bush!

Our online educational hubs, bespoke coaching and consulting programs, business, leadership and personal development masterminds, unprecedented technology access and mentoring, unique events and publishing platforms provide pathways for connection.


Once a rural woman strengthens her connection, we have found she just wants to share, our mission is to support rural women to reconnect to her most powerful voice and provide her the platforms to amplify her message and her business.

Access to maximise the use of THE Rural Woman’s aggregated marketplace, globally reaching member led online events and expanding social reach add significant value to our Members being able to expand their message, reach, impact and economic potential.

Our Team

Our team members are integral to the success of THE Rural Woman and the ripple effect of that success through our membership and community.

We work with aligned rural women who have a growth mindset, who are willing to do the work and are deeply passionate about the mission of THE Rural Woman.

Our team is now spread across Australia and internationally and are mostly specialists in their fields.

Led by our CEO & Founder Rebel Black THE Rural Woman Team are at your service.


Our Members

Our mission is that the women in our community are ‘living local and growing global’ and that our team, members and broader community are rural women deeply committed to ‘blooming where they are planted’.

Our Members are women who have created or are in the process of creating a business that matters and makes a difference. They are women who are leaders in their field, who are walking their talk and are seeking connection and accountability as well as mentoring and education.

They aren’t afraid to say ‘I don’t know’ and ‘I’m willing to learn and try’!



Host and participate in online events and activities


Engage socially through groups and forums


Network professionally and personally with other rural women world wide


Use and contribute to a huge library of resources and online training


Be inspired and inspire in return in ways only rural women can