Adversity to Advantage

Becoming aware of the impacts of mental health, especially in a crisis helps us to understand how critical it is to look after our wellbeing and those around us – now more than ever. This program will give you the tools to be aware, understand and more importantly be responsible and take action.  For it is only when we own the responsibility and take the action that we can rise up and move from adversity to advantage.


Course 1: Crisis Management for Wellbeing

Start Date: 5 November 2021

Course 2: Working with Grief and Stress.

Start Date: February 2022

Course 3: Understanding Mental Health

Start Date: April 2022

Course 4: Adversity to Advantage

Start Date: June 2022

THE Rural Woman uses Mighty Networks as our platform for delivering content, communicating and building community. all course content will be delivered through this platform.
Self-paced = you will be given the content and a PDF workbook to download and work through at your own pace
Facilitated = you work through the content, and meet weekly with the facilitator of the program for group coaching
Program = Is the entire Wellbeing program (16 weeks of content)
Course = 4 weeks of content


  • Supported by our Wellbeing facilitator
  • Self-paced, do-it-yourself
  • 4 weeks of recorded content
  • 16 weeks of recorded content
  • Workbook
  • Welcome workshop
  • Group coaching
  • 1 to 1 coaching session
  • 12 months access to Bloom wellbeing stream
Self paced per Course
  • Additional
  • Additional
Self paced Program
  • Additional
Facilitated Per Course
  • Additional
  • Additional
Facilitated Full Program