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We have spent so long trying to improve ‘communities’ in rural Australia, we have lost our connection to humanity – and rural Australia has become a collective that has lost the individual who is suffering and suffocating  under layers of scarcity and fear.

People need the encouragement, resources and support to thrive, heal and evolve individually, which will in turn create the rural Australia we all dream of.

If a rural woman blooms – all around her bloom too. It is a powerful and deeply felt ripple that I am I am witness to this every day and see it in THE Rural Woman communities.

Each of us holds pain and suffering and negative beliefs and patterns that keep us from living out true potential. We must each, individually heal these in ourselves, as a matter of urgency, so that we can truly unlock the potential of the heart of our nation.

We can’t fix human problems with systems solutions – we must look back to the individual and ask what do they need – what would help them heal so they can thrive and evolve?

That’s what THE Rural Woman does.

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