The Initiative

THE Rural Woman is seeking artists, makers and creatives for this exciting new project. 

We would like to showcase your beautiful works to our membership and followers. For you to be paid for your work AND earn an income from future sales.

THE Rural Woman is on a mission to see members BLOOM where they are and and to provide them platforms for the amplification of the work! With this project, our attention turns to rural women who are creatives and artist!

We would like to update the artwork we use as backgrounds on our memes and other promotions – so we are calling on our members artists to express an interest in being part of this initiative.

This is a paid opportunity, with ongoing commissions a possibility.

You will become our Creative of the month. All we ask is that you provide 5 different designs that will be appropriate for use as a MEME (eg requires white space for wording) You will receive a once-off payment of $495 for the copyright use of these images (incl of GST).


As part of our community outreach THE Rural Woman posts regular memes on our Facebook page. These have always attracted engagement from our followers. Here as an example of our current memes we post to Facebook:

Our recent average reach per post is 915 people and 30,000 people in a month

Our recent average engagement rate on each post is 59

Our recent average reactions on each post is 44

These memes are currently only posted on our Facebook page (just under 10,000 followers with a reach of 19,000) and we will be expanding these to also posting on Instagram (just under 2000 followers)

These memes are desperate for a refresh and also provide an opportunity to promote the artists in our community.

THE Idea

You would become our Creative of the month. All we ask of you is 5 different designs we can use on memes. You would receive a once-off payment of $495 (incl of GST)

We want you to leverage our network and also shout it out to your own network and community of people. Simply by sharing the memes!

You will also receive:

  • Your name and business added to the description of the meme
  • Weekly promotion on you as an artist, during the month of your ‘meme’ (4 posts over the month)
  • A video of you and your designs will be created and posted in THE Rural Woman Community and on our social media
  • 30 memes will be created using your design
  • Collaboration potential on other projects
  • Availability for people to purchase items through Red Bubble with your designs and you receive a commission

This is a members only opportunity.


You will receive payment for your five designs. $495 inc gst for copyright use.

You will receive exposure via daily meme posts for a month AND weekly profile posts to both Facebook and Instagram. Up to 30,000 people a month.

You will receive exposure through a short video that will be shared in THE Rural Woman Community to more than 650 members. And on our Facebook with an engagement of 30,000 per month.

You will gain the potential of ongoing commission through any sales of promotional material that uses your imagery. EG If 30,000 people saw your meme, and 1% purchased a product of $20 from a store could be an extra $6000!


There are only 12 opportunities available for this project. Bring your best pitch.

The Rural Woman

Launched in 2015, THE Rural Woman was founded on the belief that if a rural woman blooms, all around her bloom too.

It’s a powerful and deeply felt ripple.


We aim to reverse the trend of rural decline through the expansion THE Rural Woman– a genuinely collaborative global online community connecting millions of rural women who support each other to realise their full potential. The outcome is vibrant and dynamic rural communities experiencing unprecedented growth and opportunity.

We will achieve this by helping rural women overcome their most prominent barrier to reaching their full potential – isolation.


We believe the antidote to isolation is connection. In years gone by, connection for rural women came with a hefty price – the cost of travel and events, time away from home and loved ones, but not anymore.

By tapping into the power of the internet and creating a one-login platform, we provide safe, supportive and creative online learning, networking and transformational spaces and experiences to explore and expand life’s edge – without leaving the bush!


Once a rural woman strengthens her connection, we have found she just wants to share, our mission is to support rural women to reconnect to her most powerful voice and provide her the platforms to amplify her message and her business.

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