Beyond Self-Care

The 9 elements of holistic wellbeing and how to integrate them into your every day life.

In this session you will identify and implement self care – that goes way beyond a bath and having to meditate! You will be invited to create a conducive environment in which you can grow and thrive, exploring how to identify and correct behaviours that are currently interrupting your Wellbeing.

About The Presenter


Priscilla Jaya

Priscilla, The CPR Chick, is your one-stop-shop for Body, Mind and Soul upgrade! Having worked as an RN in the Cardio-thoracic ICU and General Intensive Care unit for over 16 years, she has an extensive knowledge about the body, its mechanisms, the impact, prevention and management of chronic diseases. Priscilla’s business – The CPR Chick – was born after the tragedy of losing her younger brother to suicide and to the lack of CPR skills. Being in the business of saving lives, she has jump-started many hearts and witnessed the power of CPR. The CPR Chick is on a mission to save lives through education. Today Priscilla wears many hats. She is a Health Coach, Mental Health trainer, Leadership trainer, speaker and coach. She understands the power of the Body, Soul, and Mind connection, and simplifies complex medical terms so you can remember, and implement.

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