You are invited to join BLOOM

To #bloom where you are participants simply show up week after week, prioritising their personal and professional development above all else. Giving and receiving inspiration, knowledge and being held accountable.

When a Rural Woman blooms, all around her bloom too. It’s a powerful and deeply felt ripple. Whether you want it or not – you are a leader and who you are and how you are matters to all of us.

The greatest gift you can give everyone in your family and your community you love so much, is your #bloom.

Continuously supported by people who understand you…because in so many ways, they are you!

Planning & Accountability

Plan your quarter – set your goals and intentions, stay accountable with group coaching and celebrate your success.


Join a weekly Masterclass on Business & Leadership –  Regenerative Agriculture  – Wellbeing & Creativity.

The good news is that there ARE rural women out there, just like you,  who are loving their rural life, claiming freedom, success, prosperity and happiness and #bloomingwheretheyare – and if THEY can – YOU can too!

So, What did they do?

  • came to understand that the antidote to isolation is CONNECTION and got themselves connected into NEW, positive, affirming, supportive environment ONLINE that nurtures their #evolution.
  • they got CLARITY on what they wanted and shifted their attention from their isolation (what they didn’t want) and focused on their #thriving #healing adventure (what they did want).
  • realised being a rural woman is a LONG game that’s always changing and, instead of doing all the short term, one-off stuff, they found a CONSISTENT long-term community of support offering continuous learning.
  • reclaimed their CONFIDENCE and made a commitment to ‘show up’ and to prioritise their personal and professional growth and to show up week after week.
  • got comfortable with being uncomfortable and embraced the opportunity to #bloom
  • owned the fact that change is inevitable and that difficult times are ahead, but they do not have to do it alone.

How did they do all that and not be overwhelmed?

They joined BLOOM. THE Rural Woman’s signaure signature program, providing participants with Contunuing Continuous Professional & Personal Development (CPPD).

Bloom CPPD supports isolated women to regain their connection to freedom, happiness and success through live and interactive Zoom calls providing deep connection and community-created holistic continuous learning and support.

Overcome isolation through powerful online Networking

  • I am tapped into an enormous and supportive network and I know I can have a much bigger reach and impact which makes me so excited (and I don’t have to go anywhere to connect to it)!
  • I feel more connected than ever through the online community and love meeting new women I’ve connected with here, and when I travel to their towns.

Be positioned as the Expert in your field, expand your reach and gain expertise through peer to peer learning and sharing

  • My wisdom and knowledge is valued and appreciated and has places for it to be heard.
  • I feel like I am connecting to knowledge, from all generations and all kinds of people, I would otherwise miss out on.
  • There are great opportunities to learn from smart rural women who understand my specific needs and challenges.
  • There are lots of ways I can share my knowledge and as a result connect with new clients, customers and collaborators.

Gain new skills, experience and confidence in areas that matter to you through Online Courses on dozens of different topics

  • I can tailor my learning based on my needs at the time rather than having to just focus all attention on one thing.
  • I no longer feel like I’m missing out and I feel like I have so many amazing choices, I’m like a kid in a candy store!
  • I have developed new business management skills that are serving me well as I transition from full time employment to self employment.
  • I have an easy to reference place to go for all the business tools I need to be successful.
  • My business is growing and I am feeling so successful as I apply all the learnings from the courses.

Connect with advice, new skills, ideas and fun through Events

  • The online access to schedule events makes it easy to prioritise my personal and professional development a priority, without having to travel miles and disrupt everything.
  • All aspects of my life are improving – relationships, my work, our financial abundance and my happiness all from showing up each week to learn something new (and then apply it).
  • I love that the events I cant’ can’t show up for live are recorded and I could can listen to, or watch, them later.
  • I have amazing business education at my fingertips that I don’t have to leave home for.
  • I know I can learn new things easily and enjoy the challenge of improving my human, digital and business skills.

Engage in meaningful discussion, connection and develop new networks and friendships

  • I experience women actually supporting women.
  • I have a quick reference brainstrust of incredible women where I turn when I’m stuck – where I get the answer and didn’t have to spend hours googling or doing another ‘course’.
  • I am asked to contribute and I appreciate that, I feel like I matter.

Accountability – helping you achieve your goals and dreams

  • Have access to an incredible group of smart women where I can brainstorm and share ideas to help me grow.
  • Encouraged and supported me to do what I love – sewing, reading, exercise, eating well, riding, gardening & having a bath!
  • I am shown the best tools for the job and don’t have to ‘hunt’ for the information.
  • The weekly connection holds me accountable to achieve my dreams, take action and show up – this has ripple effects in all areas of my life.

Improve your confidence in all aspects of life/business/contribution through group coaching

  • This is the start of my journey to awareness, happiness and being a new person.
  • I am shown the best tools for the jobs I need done and can then confidently connect with them to use and apply them.
  • The confidence I have gained from being part of this community has meant I’ve taken all kinds of risks and they’ve paid off big time. I feel more free, happy and successful than I ever have!

What you will access when you join BLOOM CPPD

  • 48 LIVE Online events in 2023. These are hosted by Subject Matter experts who are also Rural Women and you can access them LIVE or RECORDED at a time that suits you.
  • An Australia wide network of incredible, powerhouse, supportive, amazing rural women who all want you to succeed.
  • Pathways to promote your amazing work or business and connect it to other rural women too.
  • Online courses on hundreds of topics across dozens of fields of interest including human digital and business skills, regenerative agriculture, wellbeing (from every aspect), leadership, human skills, spirituality and more!
  • Connection to yourself…in new and exciting and powerful ways!

Week One: Planning & Accountability

Structured to see you kick goals and create success over a 3 month period (quarter). You will be allocated to a group and a coach, showing up for each other.

Month 1 – Goal setting & planning

Month 2 – Check-in and group coaching

Month 3 – Wrap up and Celebration

Week Two: Masterclass – Business & Leadership

This masterclass will cover relevant topics and be presented as either a webinar or a workshop.

Week Three: Masterclass – Regenerative Agriculture

Join this masterclass to learn more about regenerative agriculture, with practical support for your farm. This will be a mix of virtual farm tours, webinars, workshops or panels.

Week Four: Masterclass – Wellbeing & Creative

Focusing on your mind and body through workshops and interactive sessions is the aim of these sessions.