THE Rural Woman - Blooming Business in 2020

Planning for Success



About Our Speaker Julia:

Julia Spicer (prev. Telford) is a vibrant rural woman. Founder of two regional businesses based in Goondiwindi, Qld – Engage & Create Consulting and the Goondiwindi Business Hub


7th – Vision & Values

14th – The Big Picture

21st – The One Thing

28th – Come Chat! Accountability & Connection is where it’s at…

Product Development



About Our Speaker:

Kathy has been a registered nurse for over 30 years. She has worked in Gynecology Oncology, High Dependency Surgical, Emergency, Anaesthetics and Recovery, and for the past 20 years in pain management.


4th – The Idea

11th – Empathy

18th – Design Thinking

25th – Conducting interviews

Marketing and Branding



About Our Speaker Rachel:

Rachel is an experienced marketing management professional who produces high-quality and results-focused marketing strategy. Rachel understands that business success can be achieved by all, and her passion is to help others to achieve their business dreams also.


3rd – Marketing and why it matters

10th – Importance of getting your branding right

17th – Creating marketing strategy

24th – Taking action

Content Creation & Distribution



About Our Speaker Ayesha:

Ayesha Hilton loves creating content! She has published books, journals, colouring books, and even a card deck. She also creates a wide range of content for clients (social media posts, blogs, eBooks, print books, opt-ins, websites, logos, and more).


7th – Confidently Create Content with Ease

14th – Playing to Your Strengths

21st – Creating a Do-Able Strategic Content Plan

28th – Taking Action

Pricing and Sales



About Our Speaker Cathryn:

Cathryn is an Ideas Generating Machine, she loves developing new concepts & business ideas especially when working with people who are filled with passion & want to create a purpose-based Business.


5th – Sales Matrix & Product/Service Pricing

12th – How Can You Create a Great Sales Experience

19th – Creating a Sales Script and having a Sales Flow

26th – How to Ask for the Sale

2020 Tech Training


About Our Speaker Vivian:

Vivian is a founding member of THE Rural Woman. An Innovator and qualified synchronous Learning Expert, Vivian has a background of 30 years in education including 20 years experience in teaching adults and leading teams online. Vivian is at home in the online environment and loves to support those living in rural and regional communities to connect to the world.

Vivian is happily married with two grown daughters and lives on a bush block off the grid 17km out of Coonabarabran. She hosts her consultancy business from ‘The Old Gallery’ in the town of Coonabarabran and loves collaborating with people in small business providing online strategies and innovation to help them grow. As an innovator, there’s no holding her back and her business taglines are ‘Make IT Happen!’ and ‘Connect: Create: Collaborate’. Her business website is

Vivian delights in hosting the weekly Members Tech Support sessions which she hosts each Wednesday 5.30pm – 6.30pm AEST and being part of THE Rural Woman’s dynamic team.

May 2020 - Consistency

6th May 2020 – Social Media Scheduling

Did you know you can schedule releases of posts on Facebook? That way you can focus your content writing into one session but schedule the releases at the times that best suits your audience – and for over a week. In this session we will uncover how to use scheduling in Facebook on a business page. We’ll also touch on the variations in the different types of pages in Facebook and how you can invite others to help cohost your business page so you can gain support in your business, or perhaps support others if that is your gig.


13th May 2020 – Google Calendar Across Your Devices

I just don’t know where I would be without my Google Calendar. In fact I’ve been using this tool since May 2007 to get me to where I need to be! Join our live event to discover how you can schedule to your own calendar, invite others, connect across to other devices, colour code to track your focus and much more. As always ask questions to see how this tool can meet your personal and business needs.


20th May 2020 – Appointment Booking Tools

In this session join Vivian and her special guest e-strategist Anne Ryan where they will dive into how Anne uses Acuity for her clients to book in with her. Appointment booking tools takes the headache out of going back and forth to create a meeting. You set the times you are available and let your potential clients do the booking. If you already use one we would love to hear of which tool you prefer. Come away with some online options and insights into why such a tool could be useful to you and your business and what you need to look out for when choosing your booking system.


27th May 2020 – Time measuring & Costing Tools – Toggl

When we work on multiple projects or for a variety of clients it is good so keep track of the time you actually spend. In this session Vivian will take you on a journey exploring Toggl that allows you to keep track of your time. This can help you cost projects and give you insights into where you are actually investing your time.