Business owners who have a coach or mentor are more likely to succeed.

A coach is there for you to bounce ideas off and brainstorm on how to grow your business. A coach will keep you accountable and will question you (in a good way).

Making sure you are always working to your absolute best and achieving your goals.

THE Rural Woman has gathered top coaches to help you.

THE Rural Woman coaches are helping rural and regional based businesses every day to be stronger and more successful – do you desire that for your business?

Meet our coaches – all are rural women and have years of experience in coaching businesses as well as being business women themselves!

Book a session today!

This is a tax deductible expense for your business.

If you aren’t sure which is the right coach for you please send your business problem to us and will recommend a couple of the best coaches for you –

Jacqui Hermann

“I have already made adjustments since choosing two very capable women from the ‘live’ webinar hosted by Rebel. It’s a great way to see your business from a different angle, and have the questions asked of you, in a way that brings tangible results – thank you for such a great platform too – Kintell is really versatile, easy to use, and reminds me so it’s like having a business partner in your hand.”

Invitation To Join THE Rural Woman Coaching Community

THE Rural Woman, as part of its members services, operates a coaching service. Connecting our members with amazing rural and regionally located coaches who are experts in their field.

We seek coaches who would like to impart their knowledge on:

  • Business
  • Digital skills
  • Technology
  • Wellbeing
  • Leadership
  • Human/Soft Skills
  • Agriculture and Farming
  • Growing & Making

To be considered as a coach please contact us.