THE Rural Woman Cooperative Board

Rebel Black - Chairperson



Rebel Blacks’ mission in life is to #thrive, #heal and #evolve. She describes herself as a human agronomist and syntropic entrepreneur. She was raised on a farm in rural NSW Australia and is the Founder of THE RW Collection, a dynamic global social company that has delivered a number of local enterprises which she operates, with support of a remote team, from her office on the opalfields in Lightning Ridge, Outback NSW. Rebel loves local food, creating safe spaces for people to heal through trauma, working online creating communities and inspiring rural women to #bloomwheretheyare. Her career and businesses in remote Australia has spanned 21 years and the fields of tourism, community development, retail, hospitality, journalism, marketing and sales, energy healing & coaching. She is an alumni of the Australian Rural Leadership Program and has received local, state and global recognition of her work through a variety of awards.

Diploma Coaching. Cert IV Business (Governance), Community Development & Workplace Training & Assessment

I spent almost 20 years of my career believing there was no glass ceiling that some how I’d lived in a bubble of security beyond the bias, structural impediment of misogyny and discrimination. But the more I worked with rural women and tried to bring products to market that had a gendered lens, the more I butted up against what felt like an impenetrable wall and my delusion crumbled. Women are still discriminated against, even in Australia, by the system, through their service and as themselves. And I will serve the rest of my life to break these barriers down, not with sledgehammers but with focus on what future we are co-creating – #thriving #healing #evolving rural women + communities #bloomingwheretheyare. A Cooperative is a perfect vehicle because it invites collaboration and shared ownership. I’m excited to see what we can achieve together, cooperatively.

I love laughing and I enjoy watching re-runs of Friends to defrag my brain and still laugh even though I know exactly what’s going to happen and have heard the jokes so many times before.

Shayne Miller - Vice Chairperson



Shayne Miller has recently returned to her heart home of Moree after spending 3 years in Sydney working within Coaching, Consultancy and Vocational Education and Training environments. With over 20 years’ experience working in sales and marketing roles with multi-national, medium and small businesses, her success has come from building and maintaining strong relationships. As an ambassador of change, she believes understanding yourself and being aware will ultimately deliver the outcome you desire, both personally and professionally. Her charter is to focus on learning and delivering new skills and mindset shifts to allow her to serve her clients.

Current: Master of Business Psychology, UON
Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and Management), UNE
Bachelor of Arts (Humanities), ACU
TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Passionate about seeing women rise, grow and develop the skills and knowledge they require without leaving rural and regional Australia.

To drive connection and build foundations for women to connect

I’m daring and love the exhilaration of skydiving.

Jacqui Brauman - Secretary



Founder and CEO of TBA Law, TBA ADR and Legally Wise Women, Jacqui is a solicitor, accredited wills and estate specialist, NMAS accredited mediator and legal educator.

Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Accounting, Masters of Applied Law (Wills and Estates), Law Institute Accredited Specialist, NMAS accredited mediator.

I believe in the purpose and potential.

My super power is bending time.

Dianna Jacobsen - Treasurer



Dianna Jacobsen grew up in a farming family in southern NSW, and has spent over 30 years working with rural families and small businesses to help them create lives of financial empowerment. Dianna specialises in all aspects of business and personal development and financial strategy, from day-to-day financial and business management, to all styles of farm succession planning. Dianna works with people to examine their individual and specific needs, and then assists them to implement a customised, realistic action plan to accomplish their goals. Combining a background in accounting, financial planning, small business management, leadership and incorporating lending, legal, and debt restructuring, Dianna works with families around Australia. Dianna writes for a number of publications and websites, and appears as a guest on TV and radio covering a broad range of small business management and personal empowerment topics. She speaks regularly at conferences and conducts workshops, seminars and webinars.

Bach,Bus.(Acctg), FCPA, FIPA, Pub,Prac.Licence, Regd Tax Agent, Adv. Dip FP, Auth Rep., Cert IV (Couns.)

I grew up seeing rural families needing support, and have made it my professional purpose and personal mission to work with these families, particularly the women, to empower, educate and encourage them to aspire to, and attain, their desired lives of freedom and success! THE Rural Woman Cooperative is a perfect blend of this necessary empowerment, education and encouragement, and is the ideal conduit to take ‘ordinary’ to EXTRAORDINARY!

I wear ODD SOCKS and encourage everyone to do so, because we are too often restricted by old, limiting beliefs and rigid rules, made by other people and imposed upon us, for no apparent reason! It is OK to be DIFFERENT, and in fact beneficial, as these little deviations genuinely break through paradigms and barriers…. so start wearing ODD SOCKS!!

Kylie Bennett - Board Member



Dr Kylie Bennett is the Managing Director of e-hub Health which delivers automated, evidence-based online self-help programs for mental health. The programs include moodgym, a cognitive behaviour therapy (iCBT) training program with over 1 million registered users worldwide ( and Mental Health Guru, a workplace induction program about mental health ( e-hub Health was recently acquired by Dialogue (a Canadian tele-health company, for whom Kylie now works as the General Manager of Dialogue Australia and iCBT Manager. Kylie has personal experience of depression and anxiety and is passionate about empowering individuals to manage their mental health through quality and accessible resources. She works with organisations around the world to provide access to online self-help programs.

PhD, BSc (Hons), BA

THE Rural Woman offers an amazing platform to connect, empower and amplify the voices of rural women. There are so many capable and inspiring women in rural and remote areas – THE RW facilitates peer support, mentoring, training and advocacy to help these women shine brightly – together! As a Lifetime Member I’ve been humbled to see the generosity, and transformation, of other members, and I’m very proud to continue to support THE RW Co-op into the future.

For me a great day is when I get to ride, indoors, with The Herd!

Garry Lloyd - Board Member



Garry Lloyd is a commercialisation specialist.

Lloyd founded a marketing agency that led the revenue growth of 3 x top 100 fastest growing privately-owned companies. After a successful exit, Lloyd acquired a failing technology business, which went on to rank “28th fastest growing technology company” and another successful exit.

The value Lloyd brings is the ability to create a self-managing organisation delivering predictable consistent success.

When not consulting Lloyd is a business lecturer and since 2010 has been an APAC judge of the Harvard Business School Alumni “New Venture Competition”.

The Swinburne University of Technology. Melbourne, Vic.
2017 Master of Commerce

Harvard Business School. Boston, USA.
2010 General Management Program
2020 HBX online. Financial Accounting Cert.

The University of NSW. Sydney, NSW.
1991 Marketing Certificate
2019 How to Validate your Startup Idea

Vocational Education and Training (VET), Sydney, NSW
1995 Advertising Certificate
2020 Cert. IV TAE40116 Training and Assessment
2020 Cert. IV BSB42615 New Small Business

I want to help the Cooperative be a commercially sustainable organisation so it is able to assist rural woman today and tomorrow.

I cannot live without is my morning walk with Charlie (my dog) while listening to a podcast.