THE Rural Woman Cooperative Board



Rebel Blacks’ mission in life is to #thrive, #heal and #evolve. She describes herself as a human agronomist and syntropic entrepreneur. She was raised on a farm in rural NSW Australia and is the Founder of THE RW Collection, a dynamic global social company that has delivered a number of local enterprises which she operates, with support of a remote team, from her office on the opalfields in Lightning Ridge, Outback NSW. Rebel loves local food, creating safe spaces for people to heal through trauma, working online creating communities and inspiring rural women to #bloomwheretheyare. Her career and businesses in remote Australia has spanned 21 years and the fields of tourism, community development, retail, hospitality, journalism, marketing and sales, energy healing & coaching. She is an alumni of the Australian Rural Leadership Program and has received local, state and global recognition of her work through a variety of awards.

Diploma Coaching. Cert IV Business (Governance), Community Development & Workplace Training & Assessment

I spent almost 20 years of my career believing there was no glass ceiling that some how I’d lived in a bubble of security beyond the bias, structural impediment of misogyny and discrimination. But the more I worked with rural women and tried to bring products to market that had a gendered lens, the more I butted up against what felt like an impenetrable wall and my delusion crumbled. Women are still discriminated against, even in Australia, by the system, through their service and as themselves. And I will serve the rest of my life to break these barriers down, not with sledgehammers but with focus on what future we are co-creating – #thriving #healing #evolving rural women + communities #bloomingwheretheyare. A Cooperative is a perfect vehicle because it invites collaboration and shared ownership. I’m excited to see what we can achieve together, cooperatively.

I love laughing and I enjoy watching re-runs of Friends to defrag my brain and still laugh even though I know exactly what’s going to happen and have heard the jokes so many times before.



Rachel was born and bred in Central West NSW where her family raised sheep, and she has predominantly lived in regional and rural areas throughout her life. She has most recently settled with her young family in the Darling Downs of Queensland.

Rachel has led an eclectic career providing organisations and individuals with Administration, IT support and mental health services. After spending almost a decade in self-employment as a Virtual Assistant and Online Business Manager, Rachel was eager to combine her passions and experience to focus on a new project with bigger impact. That project was Dream Gig, a Remote Work (aka Work From Home) platform which has become a thriving community connecting remote-willing Job Seekers & Freelancers with remote-friendly workplaces across Australia. The initiative has gained acknowledgement in the 2022 Ausmumpreneur Awards, taking out Gold in the Digital Services Category. Rachel was also recognised as Solopreneur of the Year in the ROAR Awards in the same year.

Rachel is currently participating in the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation’s Drought Readiness Leadership Program to build skills to empower communities to prepare for and face the challenges of drought and climate change in the future.

Diploma of Alcohol & Other Drugs and Mental Health
Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)

In early adulthood I had a sense to ‘conform to transform’, having felt like a square peg in a round hole while fitting in with archaic expectations and systems around a female’s place in society.

I grew up as a naturally positive person, however when I became a mother in my mid-30’s and envisioned the future for my daughter, I reflected on my own life journey and realised that many aspects of the world as I knew it were not as they seemed. I wouldn’t say I was naïve because I’ve always been a curious observer of society, but heightened awareness cannot be undone and this is a real motivator for me to take action.

I have been a Life Member of The Rural Woman for 5 years and I am now in a position where I can join the plight to make a difference to women and girls at a Board level with The Rural Woman Cooperative. I’m fundamentally an advocate for ‘true equality’, and I’m encouraged by the mission of TRW Co-op to meaningfully contribute to societal change.

I’m a chocolate connoisseur – I actually operated a chocolate shop a decade ago specialising in Australian & Imported chocolates! These days I enjoy learning new techniques working with chocolate, as well as creating baked goods and sweets in my home kitchen.



Coming from a sheep and pig farming background I am now in dairy and beef helping run my partners family farm in South West WA.

After high school I enlisted in the military where I spent almost twelve years travelling the world as well as Australia, in 2017 I reconnected with my high school sweetheart and made the decision to move back to WA and try my hand in the dairy world. Over the years we have expanded our farm not only in size but in numbers bringing two beautiful kids into the world.

I have a large passion for helping rural women connect and know they are not alone in what they go through, with this I have been working with the Rural Womens Day Organisation for the past year coordinating events.

To gain experience of a board and to broaden my horizons within THE Rural Women setting

I have also owned a cafe and mobile coffee van over the years. Coffee is my weak point.



Rachel Allan is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the realms of marketing and business management. With a passion for strategic thinking, her strength is in strategic and integrated marketing, where she empowers business owners to think expansively, identify opportunities, and respond proactively to achieve sustainable growth.

Rachel has managed her own businesses since 2004, evolving and pivoting as needed. She has authored two books and collaborated on many projects. Rachel is a sought-after coach and consultant, imparting her knowledge and producing high-quality, results-focused marketing & business strategies.

Rachel is also the co-founder of Flairbnb Property Management, where she oversees financial, legal, and marketing functions. In addition, to managing the operations of Ballarat & surrounds properties, showcasing her multifaceted capabilities. Her background in tourism management, including spearheading Visitor Information Centres and excelling in regional marketing, has laid the foundation for her experience to grow Flairbnb to a leading brand in localised short term property management. Beyond her corporate endeavors, she has successfully operated her own self-contained accommodation, achieving an impressive 85% occupancy rate.

Based regionally, Rachel understands the unique challenges and opportunities that businesses face outside major cities. Rachel is particularly passionate about fostering an environment where all women thrive and are provided opportunities for support and life-long learning.

Rachel Allan’s mission is to see business owners evolve into the best versions of themselves. With a visionary approach, she guides them to navigate the complexities of the business landscape, encouraging a mindset of continual improvement and resilience in the face of challenges.

Ba Mgt (marketing/tourism)

Having been involved operationally for 5 years I can see the possibilities for making a difference and look forward to spearheading change and growing TRW as a board member.

I enjoy getting back to nature, singing with my choir and hanging out with my little family!