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THE Rural Woman hosts regular networking events as well as Masterclasses and Group Mentoring.

Learn more about this months events in the video below:


Plan your month

Host: Rebel Black
Date: Monday 4 April 2022
Time: 12noon – 1.00pm

Reflecting on the month that was and then setting your focus and intentions for the new month.

THE V Lab with Rebel Black

Host: Rebel Black
Date: Tuesday 5 April 2022
Time: 12noon – 1pm

Activating your VALUE!

This will be a LIVE hot-seat style event where you will bring your 1 big question, idea, problem or opportunity (that you aren’t currently doing anything about but are aware of) and Rebel will help you pinpoint the issue and resolve it immediately.

If you are feeling like you are undervaluing yourself OR that other people are undervaluing you – in particular areas of your life, then this is the session for you!

Regen Ag Chat

Host: Kim Deans
Date: Wednesday 6 April 2022
Time: 12noon – 1pm

All people interested in Regen Ag – and connecting with others are invited to this chat. Open to all members (includig FREE members) so bring your friends!

Regenerative Agriculture

Biodynamic Farming

Host: Judi Unger
Masterclass: Monday 11 April 2022
Time: 12noon – 1.30pm

With a surge in regenerative agriculture over the past few decades resulting from the concerns of farmers, gardeners and consumers to grow/eat plants and food which is grown in green, clean, healthy soils, which are nutrient dense and taste good. Biodynamics has increased in popularity with rejection of products grown with high use of chemicals and synthetic fertilizers becoming evident.

During my presentation on Biodynamic Farming, I will provide a definition and a framework on how to get started.

I will touch on the Biodynamic preparations and field sprays, and how they are made and stored.

I will address other strategies which enhance organic/biodynamic farming/gardening which include composting, green manuring, crop rotations, grazing rotations, peppering, liquid manures, radionics, dowsing, animal husbandry, flow forms, stirring machines, the Brian Keats Astro Calendar and Australian adaptions to biodynamics.

Business & Technology

How to Streamline Your Facebook and Instagram Accounts With Business Suite

Host: Jenn Donovan
Masterclass: Tuesday 12 April 2022
Time: 12noon – 1.30pm

In this session we go through how Facebook’s Business Suite can help you: * make better strategic decisions when it comes to your marketing and where your marketing time and dollars are spent * save time – especially with your inbox, * schedule content to go to your audience at optimum times and days, and * choose trending hashtags and much more. We will also look at features such as creating ads, using the appointment option for business, and compare the use of Facebook’s Business Suite to other options available.

Leadership & Soft Skills

Making effective and efficient decisions to benefit organisations & communities

Host: Maree Crosbie
Masterclass: Thursday 14 April 2022
Time: 12-1.30pm

Community Development must involve the local community, as an organisation we need to make good decisions about how we will work with the community to find out their needs and wants. It is important to identify both paid and volunteer community leaders as they will be the ones that encourage others to join in. As the project starts to take on a life of its own and is run for and by the local community it is time for the organisation to step away and leave them to manage the project. I will give some great real examples.


Stargazing Make Us Feel Good!

Host: Donna Burton
Masterclass: Friday 8 April 2022
Time: 12noon – 1.00pm

Dark skies and stargazing sessions are quickly gaining popularity. The clear night skies are an excellent form of escapism, acting as a powerful mindful meditation tool. Away from city and suburban lights – stars are ready to be explored by anyone wishing to jump aboard the astro train. Stargazing is an exciting activity that can help you reduce stress and boost your creative juices. The world of dark skies never gets boring at any point. You can attribute this to the fact that there is always a new natural wonder to explore. It allows you to view things from a different perspective every time you step out to the stargazing lounge. Physiologists point out that the best ideas come forth when we’re at peace. Watching the clear night sky can quiet your thoughts, letting your creative spirit flow through you. Stargazing can become a family hobby. Bring out your binoculars and throw blankets to stare at the clear night sky. Have some fun picking out the different stars and planets, guided by some cool stargazing apps.

Group Mentoring: ALL STREAMS

Host: Donna Burton, Maree Crosbie, Jenn Donovan and Judi Unger
Group coaching: Tuesday 19 April 2022
Time: 12noon – 1.30pm

Join all of the hosts for this month Donna Burton, Maree Crosbie, Jenn Donovan and Judi Unger for a 90 minute power session, where you get to ask questions, brainstorm issues and make progress.

Embed your learnings from the previous weeks Masterclass, and gain clarity on how you can move forward.

This session is to help you implement your learnings on the months topic into your business and life.

Accountability & Sharing Learning

Host: Rachel Allan
Date: Monday 25 April 2022
Time: 12noon – 1pm

Often we can attend a learning session, like the Masterclass and Group Coaching offered in the BLOOM CPPD Program and be left feeling confused and overwhelmed – not quite sure what to implement or how to make a change based on your new knowledge.

THE Lunch


Host: Vivian Evans
Date: Wednesday 27 April 2022
Time: 12noon – 1pm

You will have the opportunity to meet other members within the network and participate in fun activities to #bloom new connections! You never know who you might meet and end up doing business with, foster a new friendship or even launch global collaborations! Anything is possible in this powerful network of rural women!

Coming up in May

Regenerative Agriculture The Wonderful World of Dung Beetles with Karen Moroney
Business & Technology Moving from information gatherer and learner to doer and action taker with Linda McMahon
Leadership & Soft Skills Become a Fearless Leader with Melanie Wood
Wellbeing Using the Power of Self Awareness to Bring More Balance to your World with Nikki Lane

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