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THE V-lab

Host: Rebel Black
Date: 3 July 2023
Time: 12noon – 1pm

Pleasure – I think that pleasure is the art of receiving ‘happy satisfaction and enjoyment’.. and if that’s the case then why do we resist or avoid pleasure so much? How can we open ourselves up to more pleasure without becoming hedonistic? In this VLAB session we’re going to get to know what pleasure means to us so we can move into new relationship with our whole Valuable self!

THE Bookclub

Date: 13 July 2023
Time: 12noon – 1pm

Join other members as each month we take a deep dive into a book of our choosing. Personal development, business development or simply just for fun, the book selections will be adventurous, mind opening or simply for escape.

The joy of taking time to read a book, and then being able to discuss, explore, laugh and cry with other members will become a highlight of your month. THE Book Club is designed by and for members, you choose the books and guide discussions. Look for the book announcement, acquire your copy and then join us in week two for discussions!

Down to Earth Chat

Host: Kim Deans
Date: 17 July 2023
Time: 12noon – 1pm

Connect & network with likeminded women who love growing food on all scales.

From backyard to farms and producers, at this chat we will discuss all the issues of being a woman growing, producing & making. Helpful hints and tips will be shared. Connections will be made. You will enjoy being able to share the magic of being a women in ag ,no matter how big or small your space is!

BYO lunch and be ready to get interactive!

Circle of Support

Host: Priscilla Jaya
Date: 19 July 2023
Time: 12noon – 1pm

There is power in a circle. A circle has no corners, a circle has no hierarchy, a circle represents we are all equal and a circle is welcoming. Circle of Support is not a treatment room, but a preventative and mindful space to talk about the conflicts in our body, soul and mind, a place where we support and listen.

THE Lunch

Host: Vivian Evans
Date: 27 July 2023
Time: 12noon – 1pm

You will have the opportunity to meet other members within the network and participate in fun activities to #bloom new connections! You never know who you might meet and end up doing business with, foster a new friendship or even launch global collaborations! Anything is possible in this powerful network of rural women!

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