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THE Rural Woman hosts regular networking events as well as Masterclasses and Group Mentoring.

Learn more about this months events in the video below:


Plan your month

Host: Rebel Black
Date: Monday 4 July 2022
Time: 12noon – 1.00pm

Reflecting on the month that was and then setting your focus and intentions for the new month.

THE V Lab with Rebel Black

Host: Rebel Black
Date: Tuesday 5 July 2022
Time: 12noon – 1pm

In the age of social media we think it’s easy to spot a fake from ten scrolls away – but what if WE are actually the fake? What if our attempts at authenticity (because the magazine said that’s what we should do) is actually denying us our true value and worth? In this session we’ll give ourselves a value and authenticity audit to see where we can turn the mirror on ourselves to clean up our own act and raise our value instantly!

Regen Ag Chat

Host: Kim Deans
Date: Wednesday 6 July 2022
Time: 12noon – 1pm

All people interested in Regen Ag – and connecting with others are invited to this chat. Open to all members (includig FREE members) so bring your friends!

Circle of Support

Host: Priscilla Jaya
Date: Wednesday 20 July 2022
Time: 12noon – 1pm

There is power in a circle. A circle has no corners, a circle has no hierarchy, a circle represents we are all equal and a circle is welcoming. Circle of Support is not a treatment room, but a preventative and mindful space to talk about the conflicts in our body, soul and mind, a place where we support and listen.

Regenerative Agriculture

Subtle Energy & Dowsing

Host: Kim Deans
Masterclass: Monday 11 July 2022
Time: 12noon – 1.30pm

Everything is energy. We are made of energy. Energy can be defined as information that vibrates. Subtle energies are the energies present within and around us which are beyond perceiving with our five senses. The unseen aspects of a system are often the most powerful. The parts of a system that we can measure are not necessarily more important that what we cannot measure. In this session we are going to open our minds and expand our possibilities through exploring the concept of subtle energy in agriculture. I will share our experiences of working with subtle energy in our lives and landscapes using reiki, kinesiology, biodynamics, dowsing and radionics and introduce a simple practice you can use right away.

Business & Technology

Learning about the Google Family

Host: Viv Evans
Masterclass: Tuesday 12 July 2022
Time: 12noon – 1.30pm

Discover and engage with some of the amazing free tools available to you through Google products. This will be a hands-on shallow dive with Vivian Evans into some of the fascinating ways you can utilise a suite of tools to help you save money, time, energy and ideas whether for business, employment, personal or volunteering.

Vivian will take you on a spin to checkout Google Calendar, Google Drive and the tools within that such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Jamboard… Sharing some key management tips she utilises on a daily basis.

Whether a beginner or already a Google convert we know you will discover new tips and strategies that will help you be more connected and organised across your devices and teams.


Parenting Challenges in 2022

Host: Fiona Landford
Masterclass: Friday 15 July 2022
Time: 12noon – 1.00pm

Attachment theory and how it can work for your family. Including strategies to encourage secure attachments. Being with, connecting and engaging with your child.

Outline of the main principles of secure attachment to support relationships within the family.

Brain development and behaviours what are children really trying to communicate?

Group Mentoring: ALL STREAMS

Host: Kim Deans, Viv Evans, & Fiona Landford
Group coaching: Tuesday 19 July 2022
Time: 12noon – 1.30pm

Join all of the hosts for this month Kim Deans, Vivian Evans, & Fiona Landford for a 90 minute power session, where you get to ask questions, brainstorm issues and make progress.

Embed your learnings from the previous weeks Masterclass, and gain clarity on how you can move forward.

This session is to help you implement your learnings on the months topic into your business and life.

Accountability & Sharing Learning

Host: Rachel Allan
Date: Monday 25 July 2022
Time: 12noon – 1pm

Often we can attend a learning session, like the Masterclass and Group Coaching offered in the BLOOM CPPD Program and be left feeling confused and overwhelmed – not quite sure what to implement or how to make a change based on your new knowledge.

THE Lunch


Host: Vivian Evans
Date: Wednesday 27 July 2022
Time: 12noon – 1pm

You will have the opportunity to meet other members within the network and participate in fun activities to #bloom new connections! You never know who you might meet and end up doing business with, foster a new friendship or even launch global collaborations! Anything is possible in this powerful network of rural women!

Coming up in August

Regenerative Agriculture Business Planning & Farm Management with Dianna Jacobsen
Business & Technology Gain Clarity with a Strong Vision, Mission that is Aligned with You and Find Your Passion with Rachel Allan
Leadership & Soft Skills Being Self-Aware is Key to Being a Great Leader with Maree Crosbie
Wellbeing Online Art Class with Phoebe Maroulis

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