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Aligning with our core values THE Rural Woman offers you these free challenges. Aimed at educating, inspiring and activating your interest be part of THE Rural Woman community.

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Free Challenges | Welcome to Community | THE Rural Women

Blooming. Inspiration. Motivation. Activation. When a rural woman blooms, all around her bloom too!

Part how to, part inspiration, part motivation, we hope you will dive into it so you can gain the confidence to make the most of this safe, nurturing and supportive community space.

They say you get out what you put in and this community will yield you incredible dividends if you are willing to give and receive!

After-all – we are depending on each other for our dreams to be realised!

Free Challenges | Finding Clarity | THE Rural Women

Clarity in her vision and ambition, in her product/service, in her financial goal and profitability, in her marketing and sales process and in her own aspirations for life and business.

When you have clarity you can then embed it into your everyday life, so that everyday you are doing something which is moving you towards your purpose.

Free Challenges | Gain More Confidence | THE Rural Women

Confidence in herself and in her ability to succeed.

A 15 day challenge to uplift your CONFIDENCE both personally and professionally!

Free Challenges | Connection Challenge | THE Rural Women

THE Rural Woman provides CONNECTION with other members, as a new member or a member who hasn’t engaged for a while. It is hard to know where to start.

We have created this 7 day challenge for you, which will start with connecting with self and then THE Rural Woman network.

May you bloom where you are planted – with CONNECTION