FREE Support Groups for Rural Women by Rural Women!

We’ve created several support groups – away from the distractions and noise of of social media and into a positive and uplifting nurturing online environment to help you focus on your #thriving #healing #evolving life.

If you can offer support please JOIN

If you need support, please JOIN

These are specifically designed for Rural Women and you can join all of them or one of them, it’s completely up to you.


If you have suddenly found remote working – there are LOTS of women who can help you (who have been doing it for years and can share their strategies) and we’re gathering resources and supports to help you too


If you are in business and are suddenly thrown in the deep end – whether it be through natural disaster, contagion, pandemic, personal disaster, ill health or some other calamity and you have to PIVOT or ADAPT – there are great ideas, supports and fabulous women to brainstorm with


If you are now being called to be an at home school teacher as well as a Mum/Grandma/Carer/Aunty… we’ve got a bunch of women who can help.. including teachers, homeschoolers and generally smart and wise women!


We created this FREE trauma-informed Support Group after the fires, getting input from mental health clinicians and researchers, lived experience survivors, trauma experts and counselors and we decided we would wait for the immediate ‘crisis’ to be over before we encouraged rural women to the conversation about #thriving through disaster.

We thought – when it felt like a good time to bring it to the world – our current crisis happened and so we were left wondering…when do we share this.

But the truth is crisis and disaster are a part of the human experience and of life. When this current one is passed – and it will – another will show itself to us.

Disasters and crisis call us to #change or #transform or #evolve.

The mastery comes in how you choose to move through them.

The reality is, there is no perfect time to decide to #thrive #heal or #evolve – it’s now and it is always.

So – if you want to learn how and be supported to #thrive in the face of disaster, regardless of WHAT it actually is (disease, injury, illness, fire, flood, drought, financial crisis, relationships) please come and join us in the conversation about


FREE Support Resources for Rural Women by Rural Women!

We’ve created several FREE resources for you that we are excited to share!

They are all created by Rural Women for rural women!


Redefining Crisis – Rural Women Reclaiming Mental, Physical, Financial and Spiritual Wellbeing

In 2018 THE Rural Woman hosted an all day event on International Women’s Day to support rural women to reclaim their health and wellbeing – in all aspects.

It was originally focused on the shifting the conversation around DROUGHT and helping women prioritise their own state of being during challenging times.

Of course, now, in the midst of the Covid 19 Pandemic in early 2020, this content remains as relevant and helpful.

This course gives you full access to all of the presentations that were made that day – by rural women (subject matter experts) for rural women in both video and audio format so you can watch or listen at your convenience.


Since 2015 we’ve been podcasting and have now amassed 100+ fantastic interviews and conversations with rural women around the world and we happily share this FREE with you all on our PODCAST channel on Soundcloud.

Our experts are RURAL WOMEN and they explore everything from > forgiveness > regenerative agriculture > mindset > health and wellbeing > the law > why
they love being rural women > the virtues (of all kinds) > connection > death > simplicity > money and wealth > patience > success > confidence and heaps more… like I said, there is 100+ You don’t need ‘guru’s’ these women have CONTEXT that the gurus simply can’t and frankly, are just as smart! Honestly, it is seriously incredible and you most definitely want to follow it as we’re adding more recordings all the time!

7 day Connection Challenge!

THE Rural Woman provides CONNECTION with other members, as a new member or a member who hasn’t engaged for a while. It is hard to know where to start.

We have created this 7 day challenge for you, which will start with connecting with self and then THE Rural Woman network.

May you bloom where you are planted – with CONNECTION