Simple time-flow Strategies for Busy Rural business owners who are growing fast!
With THE RW Founder Rebel Black and Tara Jacobsen Co-Founder of Growth Education Institute

If you are a Rural Business Owner Who Wants More TIME & Freedom Watch This Until The End

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In this fabulous conversation we cover

  • how a 5 degree shift in focus can lead to a massive impact
  • why we should stop talking about ‘management’ and start talking about ‘flow’
  • how ‘deep work’ can double your impact (and profit)
  • 1 simple strategy to apply NOW to save you hours each week
  • how to limit procrastination
  • how one rural woman succeeded in returning her husband back to the farm (from working away) by replacing his income AND won an award for innovation with 1 idea she generated through a session with her Peers!
  • GROEI’s amazing Trailblazers Program and Virtual Business Bootcamp and how to get in the ‘virtual room’ with other high-growth rural business people!

Trailblazers Business Accelerator Program

Build and implement your business strategy in a 16 week accelerator program for small business owners.

Trailblazers is designed to assist you to CREATE A FUTURE for you and your business. It will support you to construct your long term strategy (not on the back of a napkin or in your head) and learn the steps to implement this strategy .. its like a map for your long term success. The program also assists business owners with up to 10 staff.

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