Would you like to be a HOST of THE Rural Woman for a Month in 2020
and share your knowledge on regenerative food production & agriculture?

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We are excited to support women who want to grow food – whether it be a backyard kitchen garden or a full scale broad acre enterprise, we believe in sharing the fundamental principles that can be applied in all areas! 


We believe that #alltheanswersliewithin and one of the things we are most proud of and excited about at THE Rural Woman is that we highlight and share the wisdom of the smart, talented, successful rural women (like you) who live and work in our communities.


Through weekly online group training and mentoring sessions, we provide our Members access to rural women who are subject matter experts, who are contextually and culturally aware and who can support them on their business, leadership and life journey.


Because all our sessions are delivered ONLINE everyone can be ‘met where they are at’ without the cost (time and money) of being in a real room together – which means accessibility is high!

In 2020 we have 12 Hosting opportunities available for high quality Subject Matter experts – who are rural women in the area of REGENERATIVE FOOD PRODUCTION & AGRICULTURE.


We are looking for women who have years of experience in their area of expertise, who have a passion for supporting rural women in food and agriculture related business or who want to start growing food in their backyard – and who are excited by the opportunity to connect and support in this way.


This is a PAID opportunity available for Members of THE Seed Scheme, Bloom or Lifetime Members of THE Rural Woman.


We are looking for hosts in the following subject areas:


January Farm Planning and establishing a successful operation
February Financing Your Dream
March Obtain a Yield – profitable production systems
April Alternative Production Methods
May Landscape Design Principles
June Marketing & Supply Chain
July Value Adding & Vertical Integration
August Water Use Efficiency
September Natural Disaster Preparedness and Recovery
October Integrated Pest Management
November Cooperation & Collaboration for Success
December Monitor for Success – Measure, Manage, Improve

What is the opportunity?

  • We’ll position you as the expert leader in the topic area and market and promote you to our Membership, email and social media networks reaching up to 30,000 people a week.
  • We will pay you – $600 +gst for 4 week months billable at the end of the month (if you are a Member of Bloom, THE Seed Scheme or are a Lifetime Member, non members will be provided with a FREE Annual Membership of Bloom in exchange for their services
  • We will manage the marketing and promotion of your month to members
  • Our team will manage all recordings etc
  • We will use the information you supply to create marketing collateral, graphics and email campaigns for promotion so it must be accurate, any changes cannot be made 4 weeks before your hosting month
  • You can bring other guests in to support you work, but no additional remuneration will be provided by THE RW and please identify this is happening in the topic
  • Our membership by January 2021 will be 1500+ with expectations of growing significantly so there is a great opportunity to connect with a growing audience, live and through your recordings in the HUB
  • You are welcome to invite the members to explore your services/offer but please respect this is a learning space and not a pitchfest

What do you deliver

Our primary goal for our Members is that you support them to achieve their desire to ‘create a thriving, profitable food and agriculture enterprise that enables them to regenerate land, mind and spirit, live the life they want and leave a legacy for future generations’


We also expect that they

– connect with high quality information that helps them achieve their goals

– receive an opportunity for 1:1 guidance from you

– engage in peer to peer learning experiences

– build or strengthen their network in THE Rural Woman

– engage with innovative technology that enhances their life and they can use to achieve their goals

– can access the experiences from wherever they are

 The mentoring and learning experience you will be hosting are all shared online, in a ZOOM room. We record content only and make it available in our community platform.


Week 1 – Subject matter content webinar – This will be a 60 minute presentation, on the Topic and include 30 minutes Q&A (Recorded)

Week 2 – We will open a virtual room for a whole day and you will be available for 90 minutes of that day – 1 x 10 minute ‘power session’ to the group on the Topic (Recorded) and members will be able to book in for a 1:1 mentoring session with you. We call it the CNM room (Co-working, Networking & Mentoring). If there 1:1 sessions book out, we can negotiate more time with you.

Week 3 – You will run a peer to peer engagement session, on the topic, where you provide 3-5 activities that will help embed the learning on the topic, engage the members in action and connect them in the learning experience with each other. 60 mins

Week 4 – You will be available for 1 hour in our online community Members Group Zoom call for engagement/mentoring/Q&A

Week 5 (nothing if there is one)


In addition we also require you to:

– deliver us 3 x 3 minute (max) videos on the topic. These are to be highly valuable content that help solve the problem specific to the topic. These will be made available to members and parts will be used for marketing your month to encourage participation and new membership

– Regular engagement with Members in our online community including asking questions, responding to questions, creating conversation and sharing information/resources etc, reminding people to come to your sessions


Please also note

  • Some of the content will be recorded and you agree that they will be made available to Members through THE Rural Woman Members Training HUB on community.theruralwoman.com OR on our partner platform BOWABIRDS community.bowabirds.com and that we can use this in other courses we may give away or sell from time to time
  • Lifetime, Bloom or THE Seed Scheme Members will be PAID for their services, non Members will be provided with a FREE Annual Membership of Bloom in exchange for their services
  • You will provide all the details of the content you will share including the topic heading, what each session will focus on and the topic description (outcomes) as well as image, bio
  • You agree that THE RW/Bowabirds may use parts of all recordings as promotional/marketing videos/content for promotion of THE Rural Woman, Bowabirds and Membership of both
  • You will actively promote to your own database/clients/community that you are hosting and encourage them to join THE Rural Woman and/or Bowabirds

How do you submit an application?

Applications close 11th October 2020

  1. Complete and submit the FORM including all information required
  2. Update your Membership of THE Rural Woman community and join Bloom or become a Lifetime Member

What Happens Next?

  1. We will be making assessments in late August
  2. We will alert you asap if you’ve been successful
  3. If you are successful, you will have 20 days to provide us with required information including bio, photo and the subject areas and topic descriptions for your month