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Leaders Emerge 2021 | THE Rural Woman


Since 2014 THE Rural Woman has been collaboratively delivering a range of online programs, events, workshops and consulting activities focused on meeting rural women where they are at, with the contextually appropriate support they require to #bloom

We are passionate about providing a continuity of support and all our programs, courses and workshops are backed by access to our unique year round, online Learning & Resources HUB (Continuous Professional and Personal Development CPPD) delivered BY rural women, FOR rural women.

We have intimate knowledge of and access to a diverse talent pool of more than 110 female subject matter experts from across Rural Australia and are supported by a powerful online community (670+ members) where there is access to events, courses and networking – it’s available in desktop and app form

We offer a range of services to corporate, business and government partners, offering our skills, network and unparalleled capacity to engage rural women in online activity.

  • Consulting
  • Planning
  • Behavioural assessment tools
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Incubation & Alumni Services

We offer a high quality service delivered by a strategically selected team of rural women with decades of experience in their fields of expertise focused on delivering your needs and aspirations. Our clients and delivery partners have included Regional Australia Bank, NSW Department of Primary Industries and Local Government.

Below you will find a selection of our current service offerings, please let us know if we can customise something to suit your ambitions and vision!

There is a ripple effect of the work we do, and we are proud to know that our legacy and yours, will be generational through our work together.

We are at your service and look forward to working with you.
May you bloom where you are.

Leaders Emerge 2021 | THE Rural Woman


THE Rural Woman is a visionary member-owned Cooperative focused on enabling the connection of rural women and assisting them to improve wellbeing, agency and financial security, through education,training, networking, mentoring, and financial opportunities

For change to occur in broader society, individuals, teams and workforces must immerse themselves in learning experiences that are lifelong, far reaching and deeply moving and cultivate environments where complexity and diversity are embraced. This is the excellence we strive for.

As a direct result of the provision of our services, outlined in this document, we are committed to supporting rural businesses, organisations and communities to recognise the value of, and invest in, female advancement and the realisation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly: Goal 3Good Health and Wellbeing, Goal 5Gender Equality, Goal 8Decent Work & Economic Growth, Goal 15Life on Land, Goal 17Partnerships.


Every rural woman, around the world, can confidently proclaim – ‘I am blooming where I am’ that she can define what that means for her and she is living it to the best of her ability.


A globally significant, regenerative ecosystem created by rural women, for rural women. By 2041 research shows an increase in rural populations in the regions where we work and measurably improved happiness of and contribution by rural women.

“When a rural woman blooms all those around her bloom too.
It’s a powerful and deeply felt ripple.”

We will achieve our mission together by:

  • Enabling advancement: removing barriers for female advancement by delivering appropriate and relevant collaborative projects, planning and programs
  • Reclaiming safety: improving safety, wellbeing and agency for women in public and private spaces on and offline
  • Empowering accessibility: ensure accessibility and inclusion of women in all aspects of life
  • Boosting capability: Development of programs which ensure female participation

Gender Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

“Gender equality remains the greatest human rights challenge of our time. Economic empowerment is a uniquely potent way for women to achieve greater control over their own lives. Yet, too often, women are unpaid or underpaid and unable to be dynamic economic actors. Inclusive growth cannot occur without their full participation.”
Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General, 2016


If the advancement of rural women and girls is on your radar and you are committed to the economic security and wellbeing of rural women in your community, we can support you to develop a specific strategy in line with delivering upon the UN Sustainable Development Goals particularly: Goal 3 – Good Health & Wellbeing – Goal 5 – Gender Equality – Goal 8 – Decent Work & Economic Growth – Goal 15 – Life on Land – Goal 17 – Partnerships.

We will customise your team of talent, drawing on our best and brightest rural women members to develop a methodology and framework for a simple, community inclusive and easy to implement strategy which includes research (where you are), visioning (where do you want to be) and tactical responses (how do we achieve it).

This could be in:

  • Women’s advancement
  • Business development
  •  Wellbeing & Prosperity improvement


Once you have your strategy we can collaborate with you to implement the tactics – some of which we will be able to deliver through our existing products/services and others will be outsourced or developed with you.


Strategies start at $13,200 inc gst, depending on scope and implementation the actual cost will vary and quotes can be obtained.

Resilience Planning | THE Rural Woman

Resilience Planning

With a significant investment and focus on building resilience in regional Australia, THE Rural Woman is pleased to be able to offer a collaborative consulting model to communities committed to engaging in a community led, diversity focused and best practice approach to planning.

We will NOT be flying in urban experts to tell you what to do, instead we focus on an asset based community development approach using creative community engagement strategies including play to inform the planning and ensure implementation is likely.

We will customise your team of talent, drawing on our best and brightest rural women members to develop a methodology and framework for a simple, community inclusive and easy to implement strategy which includes research (where you are), visioning (where do you want to be) and tactical responses (how do we achieve it).


Once you have your strategy we can collaborate with you to implement the tactics – some of which we will be able to deliver through our existing products/services and others will be outsourced or developed with you.


Plans start at $13,200 inc gst, depending on scope and implementation the actual costs will vary and quotes can be obtained.

Customised Workshops/Events

“Women are not only the hardest hit by this pandemic, they are also the backbone of recovery in communities. Putting women and girls at the centre of economies will fundamentally drive better and more sustainable development outcomes for all, support a more rapid recovery, and place the world back on a footing to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.”
UN Women. Gender Equality Goal 5


We have an incredible pool of talented rural women subject matter experts we can draw on to ensure your event is a great success, that the needs of your community are met and the skills/support they require is provided by a contextually appropriate expert.

We can customise based on your needs and aspirations and we can also provide recommendations based on our many years of experience and the data we have access to. These events can also be whitelabelled or we can co-host.


  • Events/workshops to be held online and hosted by THE Rural Woman on behalf of Your organisation
  • 90 minutes or 3 hours per session including Q&A and networking
  • Multi-sessions eg festivals or multi-day events are possible and can be quoted
  • Different presenters on different subject areas (topics and numbers to be negotiated)
  • Content to be made available as a Course (with private GROUP) with video and audio and can also be made as a Podcast – course hosted on (free) and podcast on or your platform if preferred

THE Rural Woman will manage:

  • Project logistics & scope
  • Participant journey mapping and program schedule co-development
  • Talent recruitment, payment and support for workshop/event presenters
  • Pre-production and development of marketing and promotional collateral
    (including pre/post surveys, registration, email campaigns to build engagement etc)
  • Event management
  • Promotion & marketing (including providing resources for easy sharing/promotion)
  • Post production including editing/hosting, management and promotion of Course/Podcast, follow up email campaigns to receive survey feedback)

Example topics/events

  • Building cohesive teams
  • Developing leadership capability
  • Mental Health First Aid for Workplaces or Communities
  • Creating a positive workplace culture
  • How to mentor
  • Sales training
  • Leading in Complexity


90 minutes

$4110 inc gst per workshop/event. (40 participants is approx. $102/participant)

3 hours

$6420 inc gst per workshop/event. (40 participants is approx. $160/participant)


Quote can be provided


The challenge with ‘one off’ workshops is the accountability needed to implement the learning.

To mitigate the risk of this, ideally we would also offer participants 12 months Associate access to THE Rural Woman Learning & Resources Hub where they can access weekly live sessions and networking and connection with other rural women – focused on a specific topic.
Pricing starts from $185 pp.

Human Development Programs

We can customise a program to suit your specific needs, utilising the talent pool, framework and delivery platform we have developed to deliver to hundreds of rural women, or you can provide scholarship/funded places into our scheduled programs outlined in brief below:

Platefull - Women Growing Food & Fibre

A revolutionary program focused on teaching regenerative agriculture practices and creating a safe space for women to share. Perfect for women with backyards and farms of all sizes. Broken into 2 x 4 week pre-recorded units, and weekly group coaching. Hosted by Kim Deans with a further 12 months support within our CPPD Program.


Emerging Women Leaders | Women in Business Support

Emerging Women Leaders

This activation program will provide you with the Foundational Principles of Leadership. Making you a better business owner, manager or team member. Broken into 2 x 4 week pre-recorded units, and weekly group coaching. Hosted by Shayne Miller with a further 12 months support within our CPPD Program.


A Whole Life of Wellbeing | THE Rural Woman

A Whole Life of Wellbeing

his foundational program focuses on exploring the key principles of wellbeing and giving participants the opportunity to Align and be Aware with a Body Mind Reset. Broken into 2 x 4 week pre-recorded units, and weekly group coaching. Hosted by Priscilla Jaya with a further 12 months support within our CPPD Program.

$3300 pp

CPPD - Bloom | Regenerative Agriculture Training for Women

CPPD - Bloom

Continuous personal and professional development for rural women. Monthly mindset and planning session and networking opportunities. As well as monthly masterclasses and group training in Business & Digital skills, Leadership and Human skills, Wellbeing and Regenerative Agriculture. Pricing starts from $50/month pp to $385/year pp. POA for bespoke access.


Gain access to the best rurally and regionally located coaches, who are experts in their field and business owners. Book a one off session or a group of sessions. Choose one coach or many. Coaching starts at $80/45min session.


Using our revolutionary all in one Peer to Peer Mentoring platform, we can provide a matched mentoring service. Trained Mentors will be matched with mentees based on a rigorous personality and needs/desires profiling process. POA.
Virtual Rural Women’s Business Incubator | THE Rural Woman

Virtual Rural Women’s Business Incubator

“Inclusive and sustainable growth around the world is the overarching vision of the 2030 Agenda. Gender equality and women’s economic empowerment are central to this vision. Now is the time to accelerate progress and mobilise the global community to expand women’s economic opportunities.”

Jeni Klugman and Laura Tyson UN Commission for Women


THE Seed Scheme is the most exciting female-focused, rurally based, blended delivery business, enterprise & leadership development program in the world.

Part incubator, part business school, part leadership program and part life-academy, THE Seed Scheme brings together geographically isolated women who want to grow a business, enterprise or idea and provides them a unique and supportive environment in which to #bloom.

We know that women thrive when their environment supports this thriving and so often in rural communities people get ‘stuck’ in the sameness, slow change and environmental conditions that inhibit new ideas, growth and individuals reaching full potential.

We are changing this through THE Seed Scheme by providing access to activating, unique and creative environments on and offline that inspire and support transformation and enterprise potential.

To achieve our goals, we partner with like-minded and future focused business and organisations who are passionate about or have vested interests in the economic and social expansion of rural communities.

They become active participants in the journey of THE Seed Scheme Members and POD’s by providing scholarship funds for participation and offering their unique
guidance/support to the Members as well.

Partners and Members become part of a regenerative eco-system of support and flow and there is mutual benefit for all stakeholders.

What is included

  • 12 Week Live Online Program focused on the Foundations of Business & included a Weekend Activation Event incorporating business ideation, planning, team building and pitching education and experience.
  • Weekly LIVE online mentoring and training in business and technology
  • Access to a dedicated POD Facilitator. The POD Facilitator helps the women connect with fellow Seed Scheme Members and develop a local support network
  • Access to an online platform giving CONNECTION to POD members and other THE Rural Woman members. Members have the ability to promote their events and products/services within this platform.
  • Access to a network of hundreds of rural women across the country who are also starting/running their own online business.
  • 24/7 access to hundreds of hours of recorded training videos in marketing, sales, financial management, product development, events, social media, mindset and business


Full scholarship for 10 women
$11,000 inc gst – fully-funded 12 month scholarship (participants pay $6 per week)

Half scholarship for 10 women
$5,500 inc gst – part-funded 12 month scholarship (participants pay $12 per week)

Case Studies

“A big thank you for doing such a fabulous job pulling together our BEtreat reset session for rural women.

It’s been really great working together and thank you for being so professional and of course to your team behind the scenes who work with you to make the magic happen.

The joint project has been a great way to end what has been an extremely challenging year for everyone so we hope it provides some support and much needed permission for women to take better care of themselves!” Allison Priest NSW Rural Women’s Network Coordinator

NSW Department of Primary Industries - BE Treat 2020

NSW Department of Primary Industries - BE Treat 2020

THE Rural Woman | NSW Department of Primary Industries - BE Treat 2020

The Rural Women’s Network engaged THE RW to co-host and deliver a series (8) of online workshops for rural women with a focus on reclaiming wellbeing during crisis.

The project responds to the impact prolonged drought, fires and COVID-19 has on rural communities. It recognises the role women play in recovery and provides them with support and skills to enable them to continue to support families and communities during difficult times.

Armidale Regional Council | THE Rural Woman

Armidale Regional Council

Engaged to deliver 1 workshop (online) initially, but due to various factors, when other presenters withdrew support, THE Rural Woman was able to easily and effectively fill the gap.

Delivered 3 online workshops LIVE and provide recorded content to women who had applied for access through a grant program

  • Workshops on specific topics (decided by Armidale Council from input from participants) delivered by rural women subject matter experts (online)
  • All communication, engagement managed by THE Rural Woman including reminders, access and invitations to join
  • All recordings made available in an online Course (unlimited time on access)
  • Able to support the Council deliver on the project despite staffing changes, previous presenters withdrawing and limited capacity to support delivery
Oberon Shire | THE Rural Woman | Case Studies

Oberon Shire

A group of 7 women (mostly unknown to each other) from the Oberon Shire joined THE Seed Scheme POD with support from the local council.

Their collaboration at the Activation Weekend planted the seed of an idea for a women’s business network they named CROWN (Creative RuralOberon Women’s Network).

In addition to all members’ businesses experiencing significant growth in the 12 months during the program, they have launched the CROWN project with financial support from the Shire Council and are now connecting with 70+ women in the local area, have an
increasingly active Facebook support group and have future events and activities planned.

The Virtual Cooee | THE Rural Woman


A group of 5 women from 3 states in Australia connected to participate in THE Seed Scheme together in an online POD.

In addition to business growth, sale and expansion, as a direct outcome of their participation, the project they ‘pitched’ at the weekend Activation event has gone on to become a ‘real life’ Start up business called the Virtual Cooee –

THE Rural Woman has been providing mentoring as they develop the business and they have received ongoing business development through their access to the Bloom program.