Energy Activation Event

Key Messages in the Event


Time: 1:15 PM
Who: Rebel


Warming up Audience

Tech support

Introduction/Overview to EVENT.

Financial Empowerment

Time: 1:35 PM
Who: Dianna Jacobsen


Break the Barrier to financial freedom; be friends with your money; be a magnet for prosperity

Confidence Boosting

Time: 1:42 PM
Who: Cathryn Mahon


Tips, tricks and fun exercises to boost your confidence when you are working solo

Topic to be announced

Time: 1:50 PM
Who: To be announced


Details to be announced

Positive Genetic Expression

Time: 1:57 PM
Who: Nicole Hunter


Learn how we can influence our genes to express in a negative or positive mannor according to our internal and exteral environment. Strategies for longevity through movement, diet and mind.

Testing ``Smile Value``

Time: 2:04 PM
Who: Sharyn McKay


What we give, receive and choose, impacts our positive and negative energies.

Grow with Gratitude

Time: 2:11 PM
Who: Stephanie Schmidt


Understanding our brain’s natural negative bias; using gratitude to become present and focus our energy; Choosing where we put our energy

Dark Skies and improved Energy

Time: 2:18 PM
Who: Donna Burton


Enjoy the guilt free and natural resource of dark skies to reset your energy, relearn night consciousness, learn to love the dark


Time: 2:30 PM

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