Are you interested in expanding your knowledge in the foundational principles of LEADERSHIP?

Are you ready to take on more responsibility in your workplace, community or business and expand beyond your current contribution?

Do you consider yourself an ‘emerging leader’, not quite confident enough to claim the status, but ready to do the work required to break through?

Do you want to share the learning experience with other like-minded rural women at the same time as expanding your network and connections?

Are you ready to truly #bloomwhereyouare and back yourself in the dreams you have to lead well and help others?


Emerging Women Leaders

We are seeking Expressions of Interest from women across Australia – and the world who would like to participate in a revolutionary new Program, specifically designed FOR rural women and delivered BY rural women who are wanting to improve their knowledge and application of leadership in all aspects of their public and private life.


Emerging Women Leaders is now in 2 units with 4 modules each. Making the course digestable in small parts. You also have the option of adding in group coaching and ongoing support – or going self-paced!


Phase 1 – Complete unit one and/or two self-paced or with group coaching and support

Phase 2 – 12 months Weekly support in the form of Masterclasses, Peer to Peer learning, Live Q&A with Subject Matter Experts in a range of topics focused on Leadership and Human/Soft Skills through THE Rural Woman Bloom Continuing Professional & Personal Development (CPPD) Program


Calling all emergent female leaders….

If you’ve been curious to learn more about leadership and you are ready to be supported by a group of like-minded women + amazing mentors… then Express Your Interest TODAY!

We Can Help You

  • Have clarity on your role, strengths and opportunities as a leader
  • Understand your community, context and coalition for leading change
  • Get clear on your own why and how it relates to the vision for your life and contribution
  • Ensure self-care and wellbeing strategies in place
  • Have experienced a range of different tools and strategies to implement and been exposed to a powerful collective of leaders
  • Have an identified outcome desired for the program
  • Have taken some action towards the realisation of the outcome you desire
  • Feel connected and supported by the other participants  (alumni) and Members and  THE Rural Woman community
  • Have an understanding and are clear on what is next beyond the 8 weeks and what help is available to them and in what form that takes
  • Have a shared experience  that provides the opportunity for group connection, common ground, team building, fun, community exploration, connection to partners and THE RW Team and the practical implementation of the learnings of the previous weeks

Applications now open

We are looking for 30 or more women to commit and participate and fund their place – so please share with your like minded peers and colleagues! Commences 6 September 2021

What will you learn?

You will learn the Foundational Principles of Leadership that apply in any situation.

Your Guide

These sessions are hosted by Shayne Miller.

Shayne is a Leadership Coach, Mentor and Trainer who has led and lived in rural and city environments. She thrives on observing the evolution of individuals and groups within our dynamic environment. Shayne is a change agent and works with clients focusing on the need to heal and evolve as we manage the transitions at work and in life to truly thrive as leaders of ourselves, our groups, our teams, our organisations and our communities. Shayne wants rural women to experience ‘lightbulb moments’ and personal breakthroughs to unleash their inner leader and emerge as leaders within their community. She wants women to bloom and shine. Shayne has a Bachelor of Arts (Languages and Humanities), Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and Management), Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and is currently completing a Master of Business Psychology.

What to Expect

Unit One

Module One – The role and qualities of a visionary leader – the difference between leadership and management – In this session you will clarify your understanding of what a visionary leader looks like, her characteristics and values and how she shapes her landscape. You will gain insight into the differences between leadership and management, and how to recognise and train others in these differences. In recognising your personal values, you will start to see where you align with others and where you did. This is true for organisations you may work in or with. Your clarity and greater understanding will allow you to hone in on your values and style of leadership to enable you to step up and into your position as a leader. You will learn you are enough.


Module Two – Crisis as a catalyst – being idea friendly to cultivate leading edge ideas in the face of uncertainty  In this session you will embrace your creative leader and gain the skills and understanding of how to be idea friendly to cultivate leading edge ideas. You will learn how to generate ideas in the face of uncertainty and how to set your mind to allowing for ideas to flow. No idea is a bad idea, it’s simply what we do with it that matters. TIming is key. You will learn how to unlock the ideas of others to maximise the potential of a group or team in transitioning during uncertainty.


Module Three – Creating your coalition – cultivating your brainstrust and inner circle  In this session you will learn how to build true connections, not just networks, to create a coalition of resourceful and encouraging people around you to act as a braintrust, providing guidance, support, truth and discretion. You will learn how to identify the people you need in your coalition and those that may stay on the sidelines. You will learn how to cultivate your inner circle and how to work with these people effectively.


Module Four –  Understanding the state of play – seeing through many lenses  – In this session you will learn the differences between doing, being, feeling and thinking. You will gain understanding of how the state of play looks from the outside in rather than the inside out, how it looks from a group or team member’s perspective, from a customer’s perspective or from a business owner’s perspective. This will allow you to learn and implement plans and programs with a greater understanding of other through many lenses. You will gain the skills to understand the impacts of different thoughts and beliefs on the current state of play. 

Unit Two

Module One – The role of failure and endings in the leadership landscape – In this session you will learn to embrace failure and endings, gain a new and fresh understanding of the value and lessons they teach you as a leader about yourself,  your groups, teams, organisation and community. Your attitude to failure will shift and it will ignite new insights into how they identify the need for new processes, procedures or direction. You will learn to let go of any fear of failure and accept that even good things will come to an end at some point. You will gain the skills to understand how others handle failure and how to lead them through their situation.


Module Two – Enlist and Enable the collective without reinventing the wheel – In this session you will learn how to gain support of individuals and the collective without reinventing the wheel. You will learn about human behaviour and what motivates and drives the individual to engage and participate. You will learn how to create an inclusive environment, where people freely share their ideas and thoughts, participating because they want to rather than because they feel compelled to.


Module three – Debunking ‘growth at all cost’ – catalysing short term wins & nurturing regenerative accelerationIn this session you will learn how to embrace short-term wins. You will learn that consistency is a key component to the success of a leader and that growth and/or profit is a result of that consistency. You will gain the skills and knowledge to create an environment of growth without it being expected at all costs. You will learn how to nurture the energy of yourself and others to achieve the desired outcomes.


Module Four – Legacy – Instituting change for the long term & continuity & consistency measures – In this session you will learn how to lead and manage transitions for the long term. You will learn how to plan for the short, medium and long-term to maximise change and deliver continuous and consistent outcomes. You will learn to measure your success and those you lead. You will gain the skills to be a confident leader in effectively instituting change for the long term.


Week 10 – Integration and ‘hot seat’ – this session is an open Q&A session and provides an opportunity for you to catch up on course material, deep dive into concepts already learned in a 1:1 hotseat and invites a more practical application of material in a group session.

Phase 2 Online Delivery methods

  • Pre-recorded units for you to watch in your own time
  • Group Mentoring led by subject matter experts
  • Course Material including worksheets/videos etc
  • Peer to peer mentoring


You will receive access to weekly LIVE online support through THE Rural Woman’s Bloom CPPD Program which incorporates weekly live online training and peer to peer mentoring in regenerative food and agricultural production. Each month is hosted by a rurally based subject matter expert who will share their knowledge on the specific topic in 2 main sessions. Each session is shared LIVE online and then recorded and made available in a course for access at a time that’s convenient to you. You will also receive access to content created prior to your access!

Leadership & Human Skills

The Topics for 2021 are:

January Communication
February Critical thinking & Crisis Management
March Effective Leadership
April Resilience
May Teamwork including Remote Team Management
June Decision making, Delegation & Feedback
July Emotional Intelligence
August Fostering Creativity & Innovation
September Resource Management
October Problem Solving & Analytics
November Customer Service
December Organisational Skills

So What’s In It For You?

  • Connection
    It’s so important to show  you that you are not alone!. By connecting women together from different parts of the world and from different industries and sectors you can expand your peer group, connect with like-minded people AND build your community of practice.
  • Activation
    There are lots of people sitting around saying ‘if only they did xyz…’, having great ideas that never get heard or see the light of the day. Activation means – the action or process of making something active or operative…. This is what we need right now! We want to help you unearth those treasures in your leadership capacity, put some thinking and action into them and then share them far and wide and yield the great success from it!
  • Collaboration
    If we learn to work together, better we’ll all succeed! And if we want to see it then we all need to lead it. It could be argued that this will be one of the most collaborative co-created Programs EVER in Rural Australia… and you could be a pioneer in that movement!

What Next

  1. You Express Interest
  2. We would love to welcome 30 or more women to commit to participating in the whole program – commencing  September 2021.
  3. You will be advised as to whether your EOI is successful and invited to join the Program!
  4. Once you’ve joined, you’ll get access to our online PLATFORM &
  5. We’ll get started with the first session!

The Requirements

  1. A desire or a current commitment to leadership…in some way – of any kind!
  2. A passion for lifelong learning
  3. A commitment to your own growth and development
  4. A willingness to commit to a weekly online session for 52 weeks
  5. Internet access or a phone and access to a computer.
  6. Open mind and excited heart

Important Disclaimer:

This opportunity has the potential to change your life for the better! It is an amazing way for you to connect with like-minded rural women as well as being able to improve your own skills and knowledge. BUT, it’s not a quick fix. We want you to DO something with what you learn and achieve! We’ll provide you with connection to experts, tools, systems and information and great people – but it’s up to you what you do with it – and there are no guarantees. We can’t promise you all the success you dream of..because people are people. What we do know is that the women who show up, do the work and implement – get results – 100% of the time! AND we can promise to deliver a fun, unique, interactive and dynamic experience that will yield some known outcomes and some fabulously left field ones we couldn’t ‘predict’ but are sure will be awesome! We’re asking you to give yourself the chance to learn, grow and expand yourself!

Start Date

Expression of Interest are NOW OPEN. Program will commence week of September 6th.

EOI closes:

27 August 2021

Who should express interest?:

Women who are involved in or want to get involved in leadership at any level, whether it be in their workplace/business, community or civic contribution. You must have an interest in the application of leadership principles in your public and private life.

COMPLETE program $2799 includes:

wo Emerging Leaders units content & group coaching
12 months in BLOOM
Membership to THE Rural Woman co-operative

The Investment:

Content $494 per unit
Content & group coaching $1199 per unit
$99 discount applied to co-operative members
Optional 1 year in Bloom (phase 2) $880


Step 1: Enter Your Contact Info So That We Can Send You Everything.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT INFORMATION this is an initiative of THE Rural Woman – a business that has delivered hundreds of successful online events and programs for rural women (and some lucky men) since 2014. These have included everything from 5 day 36 presenter Online Festival and 1 day 9 presenter workshops to 3 day Business Activation Experiences. We’ve also hosted 1 hour information sessions, 3 hour planning sessions, hot seat and mentoring experiences and virtual drinks and nibbles! We know what we are doing. More than 700 women have participated in our online Coaching, Mentoring & Development programs and we have an amazing experience development/events team who collectively have 100+ years experience at creating transformative, fun and engaging experiences and who have figured out how to take our knowledge in how to do this ‘in person’ and adapted it to work in the ‘online’ environment extremely successfully (actually…sometimes we think it works BETTER online!)