Lifetime Members

Kirsty White

Living the dream on the family farm.


Elizabeth Luke

I am an Interior & Building Designer in Central West NSW. Also a farmer of cattle and goats, into regenerative farming. Love design and designing.


Benita Bensch

Leanne Bowdler

Kim Deans

Passionate about regenerative agriculture, permaculture, biodynamic growing, subtle energy & vibrational medicine and nature photography.


Jacqui Brauman

I help families plan for their future in the event of an emergency or death, by getting their affairs in order, through my Family Legacy Plan.


Julia Spicer

Business owner contributing to the vibrancy & viability of Regional Australia & proud mother to one goose and about 17 guinea pigs… Based in Goondwindi, Qld.


Nikki Thompson

Judi Unger

I enjoy community, photography, gardening, travelling, reading, patchwork, embroidery, being at home, studying, networking and spending time with family

Camilla Ward

Creative voice coach

Phoebe Maroulis

Coaching and Mentoring

Kylie Bennett

I am passionate about using technology to increase the accessibility of evidence-based approaches to mental health problems. I live and work in rural NSW.

Donna Carrier