Book Your 1:1 Coaching

During this session, you’ll work with one of the highly-skilled, highly trained coaches from THE Rural Woman team who will help you make a plan and achieve your specific goals.

You and your coach will work together to…

  • Create an easy to implement Plan so you know what the most important priorities are every day
  • Look at what’s going on in your business/life right now & find the gaps and plug them
  • Uncover hidden challenges, beliefs, fears, doubts, or insecurities that may be sabotaging your attempts to achieve your dreams
  • Experience new energy, enthusiasm, and excitement for what’s possible in the achievement of your purpose and goals – starting right now

To claim your session, simply choose the Coach that’s right
for you and book in  with them direct!

Leadership & Human Skills


Shayne Miller

Shayne describes her journey from Shit to Shine!!! At age 40, she found herself in a diabolical situation where she had lost her job, had no vehicle, few prospects, debt and zero savings. She resorted to Government benefits just to pay the rent! Things looked pretty bleak. BUT. She’s determined, so she engaged an ‘Inner Circle’, communicated daily for accountability, made to-do lists and executed them, asked for help and support publicly (brave!) through her social connections she started to generate leads on work. She relocated her life, started her own business, was engaged to deliver on two contracts and built a 6 figure business within 18 months! 

She did the work, engaged a coach and she got the results!

During this time she also learned to love herself and, in doing the work on herself, was able to learn more about intimacy and become intimate with someone, she was aged 42 and says it was worth the wait as she now has a beautiful union with her husband.

Now Shayne chooses her adventures in life, trusting and following her intuition to allow her to be guided to the right opportunity for her. She’s got really good at saying NO to things and only saying YES to what feels right. 

Shayne is a Leadership Coach, Mentor and Trainer who has led and lived in rural and city environments. She thrives on observing the evolution of individuals and groups within our dynamic environment. She is a change agent and works with clients focusing on the need to heal and evolve as we manage the transitions at work and in life to truly thrive as leaders of ourselves, our groups, our teams, our organisations and our communities. Shayne wants high achievers to experience ‘lightbulb moments’ and personal breakthroughs to unleash their inner power and emerge as leaders within their community. Shayne has a Bachelor of Arts (Languages and Humanities), Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and Management), Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and is currently completing a Master of Business Psychology.

Regenerative Agriculture & Systems


Kim Deans

Kim is a coach, educator and facilitator with over 30 years of experience working with rural businesses. Kim’s work is inspired by nature and her experiences in farm business management, holistic management, regenerative agriculture, systems thinking, permaculture, biodynamic farming and gardening. Kim spent 12 years working as a Rural Financial Counsellor so has worked with hundreds of farming businesses experiencing natural disasters and her rural property was impacted by the Tingha Plateau fire in 2019.

Wellbeing & Personal Growth


Priscilla Jaya

Priscilla, The CPR Chick, is your one-stop-shop for Body, Mind and Soul upgrade! Having worked as an RN in the Cardio-thoracic ICU and General Intensive Care unit for over 16 years, she has an extensive knowledge about the body, its mechanisms, the impact, prevention and management of chronic diseases. Priscilla’s business – The CPR Chick – was born after the tragedy of losing her younger brother to suicide and to the lack of CPR skills. Being in the business of saving lives, she has jump-started many hearts and witnessed the power of CPR. The CPR Chick is on a mission to save lives through education. Today Priscilla wears many hats. She is a Health Coach, Mental Health trainer, Leadership trainer, speaker and coach. She understands the power of the Body, Soul, and Mind connection, and simplifies complex medical terms so you can remember, and implement.