Recovery & Resilience Using Creativity

Art Therapy tools to help us avoid burnout and minimise anxiety and stress. 

Tuesday 27th October

In this session we will apply some delightfully engaging art therapy techniques to explore how we can support the reduction of reduced stress, anxiety and other impacts of trauma. 

This will be a fun, engaging and very practical session with participants exploring ways to transform their stress and anxiety, how to redefine their experience, move beyond the ‘fight or flight’ response and how to avoid overwhelm and burn out.

About the Presenter

Anna Kellerman

Anna is a creative nurturer, super-connector and lateral thinker. She is a registered clinical art therapist with a Masters in Art Therapy. She has been working with families, children, adolescents with a range of emotional and behavioural challenges for the last 20 years. 

The main themes Anna works with relate to safety, building trust and resilience, and ways to regulate emotions. Anna uses a trauma-based approach to her art therapy work which focuses on empowering clients with supportive coping skills to help manage lifelong issues.

In 2013, Anna founded the Mama Creatives community, which provides a safe and nurturing platform for creative women to share their stories and feel reconnected to their creative spirit.

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