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You are invited to join
THE Rural Woman at this exciting Round Table event.
16 August 12noon to 1,30pm
Online and live

The advancement of rural women and girls

Join Lynne Strong in this powerful and much needed discussion. Learn how THE Rural Woman is positioning itself to live by the mission of Advancing rural women and girls.

Let’s discuss: What rural women and girls need can not be dictated by others. It is the coming together, the sharing, the true co-operative way which will lead to the advancement of rural women and girls. Leading from within. Empowering each other and ourselves. Growing in sustainable, regenerative ways. Taking ownership and control over our future. Supporting and being supported – that is when we will see advancement and strength.

And it starts today with THE Rural Woman.

All you need to do is click register and then turn up!

Guest Speaker: Lynne Strong

Following her career as a pharmacist, Lynne Strong decided to change her career path – focusing on dairying. With her husband Michael and son Nicholas, Lynne managed the multi-award winning Clover Hill Dairies at Jamberoo on the NSW South Coast.

Lynne’s role as the powerhouse behind the business won her some of agriculture’s most prestigious awards – including the inaugural Bob Hawke Landcare Award, the National Landcare Primary Producer Award, as well as being both a Eureka Priza and Banksia Award finalist.

While she no longer runs the farm, Lynne expresses her dedication to the agriculture industry by committing herself to developing young people in agriculture – priding herself as a catalyst for change and an inspiration to engage young leaders so they can be agricultural changemakers.

To achieve this, Lynne set up Picture You in Agriculture (PYIA), a Not for Profit Organization in Australia that aims to connect farmers and the community through partnerships between young people.

“Young people may only be 20% of the population, but they are 100% of our future.”

Since PYIA’s establishment 10 years ago, it has built a reputation as a strategic partner that promotes public understanding of farming, and the interconnectedness of health and nutrition and the agricultural sector.

Discussion Rooms

As part of this exciting event we are going to be opening four discussion rooms, expertly led by THE Rural Woman program facilitators. Each room will have their own topic and you will have a chance to contribute to the discussion.

Session one: The transformative role of women in agriculture

Facilitated by Kim Deans, a THE Rural Woman Coach, facilitator for the Plateful program and Lifetime Member.

Session two: TBC

And update the text to Facilitated by Shayne Miller, a THE Rural Woman coach, facilitator of the Emerging Leaders program and Board member of the cooperative.

Shayne Miller - Vice Chairperson

Session three: Take the pressure down

And update the text to ‘Facilitated by Priscilla Jaya. Facilitator for the Whole Life of Wellbeing program and Lifetime member.

Session four: TBC


Shayne Miller - Vice Chairperson

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