Get Connected With Rural Women Around The World & Bloom Where You Are!

If you are a woman… and you live rural or you are in the mindset of rural (abundance, openness, generosity)… and you are excited to master the art of loving where you live and living life on your terms….


At THE Rural Woman our values are in our name – Thriving. Healing. Evolving. It’s both a mission and a mantra!

We we have a simple dream for you – that you #bloomwhereyouare

It’s up to YOU what form that blooming takes, we want you to CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE but THE Rural Woman’s mission is to meet you where you are with inspiration, tools, support, an amazing network, simple accountability and skills development that will help you along the way!

 THE Rural Woman is an innovation driven, creativity inspired, resilience building, productive, proactive, supportive eco-system of rural women from around the world, connecting, learning and discovering together on the topics that matters to us!

Our safe, online space is open to ALL rural women anywhere on the planet!

Your geography can never dictate your success or happiness!

AND = you don’t have to leave your life to change it!

Transformation can sometimes be challenging (or slow) when the environment around you doesn’t change….which is why THE Rural Woman is so exciting.

We help you get exposed to a positive, proactive and productive online environment that will support your growth without leaving HOME!

Through incredible and simple to use technology, regardless of where you live or how rural or remote you are – you can connect, at the click of a button, to rural women around the world who want what you want – and who are creating the safety in a space for you to explore what is possible for you.



Whether you want to ignite a new idea and bring it to life in the form of business or community action or you want to make changes to your career or life situation, or you want to navigate that big change you are being called to (but aren’t sure exactly what it is) – there is support here for you!

We will safely and easily connect you to new ideas and new opportunities of all kinds…most of which we can’t explain, but are more like MAGIC!

THE Rural Woman is SO much more than a ‘social network’- this is a regenerative, self supportive eco-system where conversation can lead to collaboration, where a small connection can bloom a new idea, where positive exchange is everywhere, where friendship is assured and where anything – and we mean anything – is possible, if we just believe it!

Be THE Change You Want To See In The World’ Ghandi


What our Members ‘do’ with their life is not our primary driver – who they ARE is where the real truth lies!

Though we do LOVE to see our Members THRIVE in their roles in life and in their businesses, careers, jobs, voluntary roles or ‘DOING’ we are most passionate about them HEALING & EVOLVING to their true ‘BEING’.

A variety of OPTIONS to help you#bloomwhereyouare


FREE Membership

As a FREE Member you get access to engage with our INCREDIBLE community you can

NETWORKING/COMMUNITY – Overcoming Isolation and Fostering Connection!

  • Connect with Members on a social newsfeed
  • Set your specialty and be found in searches and connect with other women in your specialty (or others!)
  • Create a post
  • Follow other Members
  • Send Private Messages
  • Live Chat with Members who are online now
  • See Members who are near you, who are online now, who have common interest

Gain Expertise & Be THE Expert

  • Search content by Topic
  • Share an article
  • Create a post (ask a question, share some wisdom, add value)

Connect with Advice, new skills, ideas and fun through Events

  • Participate in other Members Public Events
  • Host/Share Event (online/offline/live-chat)
  • Access THE Rural Woman Events (fee)
  • Access THE Rural Woman Masterclasses (fee)


  • Access to Free Courses
  • Access to a 7 day Confidence Challenge
  • Access to a 7 day Clarity  Challenge
  • Access to a 7 day Connection Challenge
  • Access THE Rural Woman Courses (fee)

By Rural Women For THE WORLD!

Masterclasses. Live Online Events. Resources. Community

ALL of of our Courses, Events and Group hosts are RURAL WOMEN – just like you….- whether our Members own their own business, volunteer in community, raise a family, have a job or are retired passionate subject matter experts, we value their wisdom and want to provide a safe space where they – and you, can reconnect to your most powerful voice and where that voice can be amplified!

You can join our community FREE and then, as you desire, upgrade your Membership to join BLOOM – so you can take courses and participate in our amazing weekly online live events.

Be THE Change You Want To See In The World’ Ghandi


Bloom Membership

In addition to being able to access all of the features of the FREE Membership, each month our Bloom Members can participate in LIVE, online sessions which incorporate training and mentoring in business, wellbeing and technology AND access all the recordings of these sessions.

We use a range of different tools including online event rooms for workshops and masterclasses, chat spaces, closed groups and we encourage peer to peer engagement – you’ll learn as much from the women in the room as you will from the HOST!

All our HOSTS are Members of THE Rural Woman and all are subject matter experts in their field.

It is time for you to choose your own adventure!


You can show up to as many or as few LIVE events as you like and the good news is we record EVERYTHING so even if you miss it – you can come back and watch it later, 24/7!


Hosted by 12 incredible (and I MEAN serious contributors and successful women in the business space) Rural Woman Members, these weekly sessions are specifically focused on helping you to achieve specific outcomes you desire in Business.

Hosted online at 12noon (NSW time)
on a Tuesday (4 sessions each month)

January – Planning for Success hosted by Julia Spicer, CEO Engage & Create Consulting

February – Product Development hosted by Kathy Hubble, Founder Amelio Health and winner 2019 Regional Pitchfest

March – Marketing & Branding hosted by Rachel Allan, Founder Your Strategic Marketing Partner

April – Content Creation & Distribution hosted by Ayesha Hilton, Amazon Best Selling Author

May – Pricing & Sales hosted by Cathryn Mahon, Founder Wild Dynamics

June – Tax, Insurance & Super hosted by Zoe Lamont, co founder Verve Super

July – Budgeting & Financial Management hosted by Tara Jacobsen, Founder Business Growth Education

August – Time Management hosted by Kim Deans, Founder Heart & Soil Consulting

September – Maximising Media Exposure hosted by Kerry Anderson, Founder Operation Next Gen

October – Managing Growth hosted by Jacqui Braumann, Founder TBA Law

November – Staffing and Support hosted by Peace Mitchell, Founder The Women’s Business School

December – Structure and Systems hosted by Linda Mahon, Essential Systems Solutions


Hosted by THE Rural Woman Founder, Rebel Black, these weekly sessions invite you to put YOU FIRST.

Hosted online at 730am (NSW time)  on a Thursday (4 sessions each month), Rebel focuses on a different topic each month that will help you dive in the philosophy, spirituality, sensory and metaphysical experience of being a well rural woman.

Rebel calls these classes – THE Return to Whole.

January – My Dream Is Not Your Dream – Giving ourselves permission to truly dream, unencumbered by other people’s, societies and social media judgments. Overcoming imposter syndrome, letting go of stuff we will uncover that doesn’t belong to us and settling into the freedom and satisfaction the embodiment of our true dreams brings. 

February – All THE Answers Lie Within –  Colonization has happened to all of us, somewhere along the way enough someone’s told us – you don’t have the answers, we do! But we are sovereign beings and it’s time to reclaim that understanding. The wisdom and answers you are looking for, for yourself are not outside of you, let’s explore how you can tap into the font of all knowledge that is YOU!  

March – BEING – WELL – As we set our intention to #thrive #heal and #evolve it’s important that we understand what ‘well’ and ‘health’ these three things actually mean to us. When we are clear on what we want, we can take positive steps in the direction of our well-being.  

April – THE End of Suffering – By design (religion, big systems, colonization) so many people are wired for suffering and it does not serve us to operate from this place. Your suffering does not serve you or humanity. It’s time to let it go.  

May – Waking Up – There are many great teachers who say it’s not about ‘becoming’ a better version of ourselves, but ‘remembering’ who we truly are. There is an art in awareness that is worth cultivating and exploring so you can reclaim rituals, principles and understanding that serves you while also interrupting patterns that don’t belong to you and won’t get you where you want to go 

June – Harnessing Energy – We are all energy, and yet, we believe and think and operate as if we are matter, are you ready to be connected to an endless supply of energy that will inspire, motivate and imbue your life with ease

August – Be THE Change You Want To See In The World – Ghandi said ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ which is an invitation to lead. In our haste to ‘get what we want’ we can sometimes fall into the ‘eat pray love’ syndrome and quit everything (or big things) only to discover – where you go, there you are! So get ready to get comfortable with discomfort as you #evolve and change and lead with integrity in all aspects of your life. 

September – The Journey is THE Destination – When we accept that we will never be ‘there’ and that even when we’ve conquered one mountain  – there are just more mountains to climb, then we can achieve anything we desire. The more you ‘trust the process’ and relish every moment of it – the richer life is!  

October – Surrender – Surrender isn’t giving up – it’s about completely letting go of the need for the outcome to be what you think it should be and simply allowing it to be what it is. It’s a mastery and an art and it’s worthwhile learning how to do! 

November – Mitigating Boom & Bust To Reclaim Peace  How do you achieve peace in a constantly changing environment? If you want mastery you need to learn how and a great place to start is identifying the pattern of ‘boom or bust’, ‘all or nothing’ ‘fly in fly out’ we have cultivated well in rural communities and counter that with consistency and cadence…then we can achieve peace. We all want peace (world peace and peace on earth), but what if the attainment of the global surrender can only come when each individual claims their own inner peace – and in this crazy stressed out world at pace – how do we cultivate inner peace so we can inspire others to do the same?  

December – The Way of THE Bird – THE Bowerbird Philosophy – The male bowerbird is a master of design – he borrows from the environment around him to build an impressive structure, filled with glittering jewels to impress his lady – and win the prize. How can we learn from him in our lives to make the most of what we have while getting what we want and ‘borrowing’ the best from others to build our own beautiful bower to attract what we want and need in life.


Hosted by founder of Dark Sky Innovations and THE Rural Woman member, Vivian Evans, these weekly sessions are focused on making the use and application of technology in your life and business EASY!

Hosted online at 12noon (NSW Time) on a Wednesday  (4 sessions each month), Viv focuses on a different topic each month – CONFIDENCE, CLARITY, CONNECTION, CONSISTENCY  & COLLABORATION and selects technologies to teach that help us to achieve our life and business goals.

Vivian has been delivering training in the use of technology to people from all across Australia for more than 15 years and is a passionate advocate for how amazing tech can make our lives. She teachers everything from online events to fun tech apps to engage community and starting your own podcast!

January – Confidence – Learning Zoom (online events and meetings) Podcasting, Using Facebook Live & Greenscreens and Flying Machines

February – Clarity – Mind Mapping Tools, Online Surveys and Polls, Project Planning Tools, Screen Capture Tools 

March – Connection –  Blogging to connect with your audience, Online meetings (tools and resources), Your own Youtube Channel, Weaving the web and making connections

April – Collaboration – Google Drive (collaborating through documents and spreadsheets), Team Project Tools, Dropbox (sharing files and folders), Sourcing virtual assistants and experts

May – Consistency – Social Media scheduling, Google Calendar across your devices, Appointment booking tools, Time measuring and costing tools 

June – Creativity – Word Art, Canva (for posters and social media), Interactive Whiteboards online, Sourcing copyright images and sound

July – Confidence – Navigating THE RW Community Hub, Mailchimp – getting your message out to subscribers, Tips and tricks for taking selfies, Open House – Tech sharing & Questions

August – Clarity – Google for Business, Voice to Text, Creating folders and sorting your documents, Open House – Tech sharing & Questions

September – Connection – Live polling, Goose chasing, Forwarding emails, What’s your favourite free tech tool?

October  Collaboration – Google Sheets, Ways of sourcing tasks to be done by someone else, Google Slides, What’s your favourite phone app?

November – Consistency – Email signatures and settings, Consistency in profiles and colours, RSS Feeds – how do they work? Open House Tech Sharing & Questions.

December – Creativity – Pintrest for business, Instagram, RIPL (Video creation app for social media) Virtual Christmas Party!


As a Member of THE Rural Woman you also get access to Courses developed during past 3 years by Members and contributors. These include

– How to Have Uncomfortable Conversation

– 12 x 4 week Business Courses


Perhaps the MOST valuable opportunity of being a FREE & Bloom Member is access to the amazing community and network.

These women will become your friends, clients and customers, business partners, advisers, cheerleaders and champions.

Since we launched in 2015 our platform has facilitated so many amazing collaborations and connections locally and globally that simply wouldn’t have happened were it not for THE Rural Woman!

This is an invaluable support that you will want to contribute to as you will get as much from giving as you will from receiving.

The generosity of THE Rural Woman community is unsurpassed!


Membership starts at $33.99 USD per month with significant discounts for annual membership + for a short time, a LIFETIME access!

You can JOIN today as a Member – using the links above OR you can Request to Join using the buttons above or below and be part of the FREE community we are co-creating!


In the spirit of generosity – we want you to experience the amazingness of BLOOM for yourself before you commit so we offer a 7 day trial! In 7 days you can gain access to try the LIVE events, a taste of the COURSEs and connect in the community! 

It’s our gift to you!

Networking for Women | THE Rural Woman


If you don’t want to access any of the incredible features of BLOOM, that’s completely okay by us – you can still join us FREE and be part of our extended community, contribute to conversation, connect with like-minded rural women and generally be inspired, supported and delighted to be a contributor to a safe, creative and supportive online space for rural women.

It is our mission to meet you where you are at with the tools and resources, inspiration and support so you can #bloomwhereyouare

We look forward to seeing you #bloom in your unique and magnificent way.

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