Supporting small and medium rural businesses to successfully scale with strategy, systems and support.

A message from our founder, Rebel Black

So many rural businesses fail or fail to truly succeed because they are generally operated by BRILLIANT practitioners and/or managers, but they don’t ever connect fully into the leadership opportunity that a CEO would bring; either because of a lack of confidence to become their own CEO, they don’t have the required finances to employ a CEO or they do not see this missing leadership as a risk or issue for the achievement of their growth potential.

We believe there are literally tens of millions of dollars being lost from the rural economy in Australia each year because of this issue, which is why we’ve developed THE Rural CEO School. It’s our opportunity to help rural businesses maximise their profitability, improve efficiencies, leave a legacy and take all opportunities available to them.

A business will never outgrow it’s leader, which is why we are passionate about supporting and upskilling rural business owners to become the leaders and CEOs of their companies and of our companies for the future.

We will be the CEO you need in your business in the short term, so you can become or afford to hire the CEO that’s perfect for your business so you can achieve all you dreamed of and more.

– Rebel Black

Who are our services for?

THE Rural CEO School is ideal for successful rural:

  • Couples who can’t decide who the CEO is
  • Practitioners who can’t keep working this hard forever but who don’t know how to do it any differently
  • Businesses who have hit their income or profit ceiling and have stagnated AND who desire to grow beyond their current limit
  • Enterprises looking to scale fast and smart
  • Owners/Founders wanting to EXIT their business (either in succession or in sale) who want to ensure the success of the next generation/owners but who haven’t got all the structures in place
  • Women who are ‘helping’ their husbands in a business and who want to claim ownership and responsibility to see the business succeed
  • Business owners who need more structure and support as they lack the confidence to make the decisions to grow
  • Couples who aren’t quite on the same page yet with their business but want to be, for their families future
  • Businesses experiencing the pressure of growth and who are starting to feel the limits of their own knowledge
  • Business owners who have been successfully winging it and know that will only last so long

Quadruple Bottom Line

Through THE Rural CEO School, we are nurturing business leaders who are collaborative, connected, mindful, savvy; able to pivot as required, plan for quadruple bottom line profit and are developing regenerative ecosystems in all areas of the business. We want to nurture a mindset of working SMARTER and HOLISTICALLY!

Through THE Rural CEO School we will help you:

  • See what you can’t with fresh eyes and then mentor you until you can see it too
  • Generate new high quality leads through automated campaigns
  • Improve cashflow and generate more profit
  • Get out from under the pressure of your business so you can reach and exceed your goals
  • Lead, so others can manage
  • Reclaim hours in your day
  • Dream BIG – bigger than you are now!
  • Work IN your business so others can work ON it
  • Tap into your personal zone of genius and implement systems so you can recruit others to work in theirs (which aren’t yours)
  • Implement powerful systems that support sustainable and profitable scalability
  • Automate to achieve maximium results
  • Work less for more reward
  • Brand recognition
  • Monetise your intellectual property
  • Create recurring revenue
  • Improve communication in your relationships/team
  • Set clear and achievable stretch goals with structured (yearly, monthly, weekly, daily) goals
  • Benchmark your business through powerful measuring your metrics

Did you know the average CEO salary in Australia starts at $98,000 and scales up? (beyond the reach of most small and medium businesses).

BUT not investing in the leadership a CEO provides, becomes an opportunity cost that could amount to millions of dollars over the course of a year.

Apart from the cost of a CEO you are also investing in the wisdom and expertise of only 1 person – a risky move for a small to medium business if a mis-hire occurs, this could cost your business precious time and cashflow.

For a fraction of the cost of paying a CEO, you’ll get access to significantly expanded brains-trust who have YOUR business success at the core of their focus.

Imagine the power and results you can achieve in your business with the collective intent of a whole team of people focusing on the success of your business or enterprise.

In fact, this kind of collaborative leadership and decision making has been going on for years in the high level boardrooms of our big corporations and it’s becoming a commonly discussed topic in the agricultural sector.

Together we are stronger than the sum of our parts!

Why Us

Our primary mission is to work with our clients to help them achieve their unique dreams and goals and we do everything we can to make this happen!

With THE Rural Woman Strategist/Consultant Mentor as your primary contact, you will also have the benefit of tapping into our team of rurally based world-class experts in:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Financial planning
  • Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Communication & Decision Making
  • Mindset & Emotional Intelligence

Your Primary Contact

THE Rural Woman CEO will be your primary contact

About THE Rural Woman

THE Rural Woman’s mission is to re-imagine connection for isolated people and to enable rural women to both #livelocalgrowglobal and #bloomwheretheyareplanted.

Since launching in 2014 the team has been delivering award-winning world-class mentoring, training, consulting and coaching in business, leadership and personal development. With the head office located in the outback opal mining town of Lightning Ridge, NSW, the business has a team of 15 across Australia and Asia including coaches, administrative, tech and training consultants, a membership of 100+ active clients and a weekly reach of 20,000.

THE Rural Woman is a rapidly expanding influencer and activator in the use of technology and micro-enterprise to catalyse the renewal of rural communities in Australia and across the world.

In 2015 we were recognised as a Regional Online Hero by Google and Regional Australia Institute and in 2016 we won the Lexus & Collective Hub Start Up Award.


We often get bogged down in the day to day of running a family, a farm & being involved in the community.

So to avoid burnout & ensure we are focusing our time & energy on the most important things, we have really appreciated Rebel’s knowledge & support in getting some great systems in place. Making the time to look at things differently & how we can do things better has been really important.

Kirsty & Sam White

Bald Blair Angus

Our time working with Rebel has been enlightening, challenging, focused, invaluable, productive and worthwhile.  We have grown both personally and as a business and we highly recommend Rebel as a coach.

Kerri-Ann and Rob Pollock

Pollock Building

We made contact with Rebel at a time when we were in overwhelm! With two young children, a growing beef production business and a newly launched “paddock to plate” business…we were feeling the pressure of trying to keep up.  There was chaos in “getting it all done” and we felt pulled in many different directions trying to make it all work. A pivotal moment came in the realisation that we needed HELP and in the acknowledgement that the most successful business people and the most successful businesses are supported by many layers of “help” in the form of mentoring, coaching and targeted professional assistance.

We chose to work with Rebel and TRW support services because the intensive six month program she offered us was comprehensive, backed by developed and tested resources and realistically focused on growth – both from a business and personal standpoint.  During the program, we developed strategic systems that supported us in all aspects of our business and life; we were given tools to generate hard hitting data around what was working well and what required our attention; we learned how to direct our energy and focus towards the most productive outcomes; and we generated a new way of thinking and operating that better reflects the positive outcomes we want to yield in our lives.  Through the targeted work we achieved with Rebel, we feel more supported by our businesses and the systems in our life. Our business is thriving, without the chaos, and has in fact tripled its sales figures as a direct result of working with Rebel.

Rebel is extremely generous with her time and has become an invaluable member of our team and our family. Her holistic approach to coaching ensures you are supported right throughout the process. She provides the tools and the thinking that smashes through the blocks, the resistance and any other limiting factors you may be experiencing.  If you are motivated to grow, thrive and evolve in your business and in life, we highly recommend Rebel and TRW support services. Trust in Rebel, open up your perspective, follow her lead and do the work – we can wholeheartedly testify that if you do the results will show up beyond your wildest dreams!”

Craig and Bec Beissel

Maranoa Beef

Make It Happen

One of my business mentors once told me that ‘a business will never outgrow it’s leader’ and I’ve witnessed that to be true on so many occasions.

It’s time for us all to recognise that in order for our businesses to realise the goals we have for them, we need to grow as leaders and CEOs.

We are excited to enable Rural CEO’s as conscious leaders through THE Rural CEO School. We want to work closely with people whose work has an extraordinary ripple, whose businesses generate profit in multiple ways and who passionately realise their full potential and do whatever it takes to grow as humans.

If that is you and you are ready to embark on that growth journey, then we are ready for you.

Please schedule an STRATEGY SESSION with our CEO Rebel Black to discuss your place in THE Rural CEO School TODAY

A Business Will Never Outgrow It's Leader