Rural Woman - Are you ready to turn your geographic isolation into your superpower and claim the success, freedom and happiness you truly deserve?

There are many benefits to joining THE RW Coop including:

  • Reduced isolation – connect with like minded women while never leaving home (or getting out of your pjs)
  • Chat with people who understand your situation, learn, connect, swap hints and tips, collaborate on business ventures, find staff and so much more
  • Get discounts on courses, events and programs
  • Invitations to special Member only events, activities and opportunities for collaboration – the V Lab, Regnerative Ag Chat and The Networking Lunch.
  • 1 Month Complimentary Membership to Bloom – The Rural Woman’s signature CPPD program (valued at $48 per month)
  • Equal voting rights at the AGM for Members
  • Eligible to elect or nominate members of the Board or stand as a Board of DIrectors
  • Opportunities to be involved and contribute to THE RW strategy and advocacy through Sub Committees
THE Rural Woman Cooperative | THE Rural Woman Cooperative Membership

Access all 5 of our amazing programs for only $1.90 per week?

1. Our unique online rural community

Join other rural women in our unique online community designed for women just like you!

Build your confidence by using TRW Community to nurture connections, promote your work, ask for what you need and be more visible for opportunities as they arise!

Our easy to access platform comes free with your membership to The Rural Woman’s Cooperative.

  • Chat to other members who understand your world
  • Form frienships – near and wide
  • Find networking and business opportunities.
  • Put the fun back into your life!

Connect with hundreds of rural women, in dozens of different specialty areas, to expand your network, generate new business, make new friends, learn new skills and evolve living! With a focus on personal and professional development THE Rural Woman Community is a space where contribution yields generous returns

Community Menu – Click to see details

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Community Groups

Bloom (CPPD Program)

2. 1 Month Complimentary Membership to Bloom

Bloom is TRW signature program offering continuing professional and personal development.

You will gain:

  • The overcoming of isolation through powerful online networking
  • Positioning as an expert in your field. Expanded reach and expertise
  • Gain new skills, experience and confidence via online courses in a variety of topics
  • Connection to advice, new skills, ideas and fun through online events
  • Engage in meaningful discussions and connections. Make new friendships and networks
  • Be held accountable
  • Improved confidence in all aspects of life and business.

Your trial access to Bloom alone is worth the cost of The Rural Woman’s Cooperative membership as normally this costs $48 per month (or $480 per year)

Read more about this program

3. The V Lab

Sometimes Quitting is the best option for women to value themelves, but you have to know WHAT and HOW to Quit with Grace (so you don’t just keep repeating the same mistakes!)

Activating your VALUE!

The V Lab is a LIVE hot-seat style event where you will bring your 1 big question, idea, problem or opportunity and Rebel will help you pinpoint the issue and resolve it immediately.

If you are feeling like you are undervaluing yourself OR that other people are undervaluing you – in particular areas of your life, then this is the session for you!

Are you?

  • Underpricing your products/services
  • Feeling undervalued in your family and wonder “what about me”
  • Being overlooked for promotions/opportunities even though you are the BEST at what you do
  • Overgiving and oversharing resulting in dissatisfaction
  • Not asking for what you want/need and feeling alone
  • Feeling exhausted at the end of the day and wondering what you actually did and dreading doing it all again tomorrow

4. The Lunch

Join other rural women for online lunch and networking.

Your opportunity to meet other members within the network and participate in fun activities to #bloom new connections! You never know who you might meet and end up doing business with, foster a new friendship or even launch global collaborations! Anything is possible in this powerful network of rural women!

We’ll also share what the current events and activities of THE Rural Woman and how you can participate to #bloomwhereyouare

BYO lunch and be ready to get interactive!

5. Regenerative Agriculture Chat

For all those who are interested in Regenerative Agriculture, connecting with others and being inspired to make changes in your world!

This event is open to all who are members of THE Rural Woman Cooperative.

Hosted by Kim Deans.

BYO lunch and be ready to get interactive!

THE Rural Woman Cooperative Ltd

Membership Registration

We are delighted you want to join as a Member of THE Rural Woman Cooperative Ltd – it means you believe in the advancement of rural women and girls!

Together we are creating a visionary Co-op enabling the connection of rural women and assisting them to improve their wellbeing, agency and/or financial security, through education, training, networking, mentoring, and financial opportunities.

As a Member you will receive benefits related to these products and services as well as being given many opportunities to contribute to the governance and strategic direction of the organisation.

Your investment of $44 (joining fee) and then only $99 a year (27 cents per day) will open up a world of opportunity, connection and support.

FAQ (Click Here)

Who can join THE Rural Woman Cooperative?

To be eligible for membership you either need to be a woman living in a rural or regional location OR you want to contribute to the connection of  rural women through financial support, mentoring, coaching, networking, or group facilitation.

Do you have to be a rural women to join THE Rural Woman Cooperative?

No. If you align with our mission – for the advancement of rural women and girls, you can join the Coop. 

You can identify as a woman or a man or non-binary or you can live in an urban or rural environment.  However men do not get access to the programs and the online community but are welcome to join THE Rural Woman Cooperative to show their support.

Can organisations join the THE Rural Woman Cooperative or only individuals?

Members of THE RW Cooperative must be individuals. If an organisation or business wants to join the Coop, they can, but it must be in the name of an Individual. We often partner and collaborate with organisations and businesses of like-mission, if that is you please complete the form HERE and we look forward to connecting with you.

What is the cost of joining THE Rural Woman Cooperative?

There is a one off joining fee of $44 inc gst which will be paid when you join (and never again)

Annual Membership of THE RW Cooperative is $99 inc gst

As THE Rural Woman Cooperative Member what 'rights' do I have?

  • The right to attend and be heard at general meetings
  • The right to vote at general meetings, including the right to vote on special resolutions
  • Eligibility to nominate as a director

As THE Rural Woman Cooperative Member what ‘responsibilities’ do I have?

  • To pay the regular subscription fee each year
  • To actively support the mission of the Coop and it’s primary activity which is  to enable the connection of rural women and assisting them to improve their wellbeing, agency and/or financial security, through education, training, networking, mentoring, and financial opportunities

As THE Rural Woman Cooperative member do I get to vote?

Current financial Members of THE RW Cooperative do get a vote. Each year there will be an Annual General Meeting which you will be invited to and you will be invited to any special general meetings called throughout the year. 

Each Member has 1 vote. 

Are there different levels of membership in THE Rural Woman Cooperative?

In the interest of simplicity and cooperativism – there is just 1 level of Membership in the Cooperative – Member!

It is priced at a very affordable $43 once off joining fee and then $99 (inc GST) per year. That is only $1.90 per week

I see THE Rural Woman Cooperative is based in Australia - do I have to be Australian to join?

We are proudly Australian – but we are very welcoming to people from all across the globe to join as Members. We love to #livelocalgrowglobal and want to see the advancement of rural women and girls around the world!

Membership of THE Rural Woman Cooperative is for INDIVIDUAL’s only.

If you are an organisation and want to collaborate with us please click HERE and complete details so we can connect.


Please complete your details below and we look forward to welcoming you to THE Rural Woman Cooperative