THE RW Members Training & Mentoring 2019

Every week, members of The Rural Woman can join in on LIVE online training and mentoring sessions hosted by some of Rural Australia’s leading experts who have been selected for their subject matter expertise in business, leadership and personal growth. This training is designed to grow their business, connect with each other and assist on our journey to #bloomwhereweareplanted.


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Each month we focus on a specific topic, designed to help you develop strategy and structure for business growth and development. The information provide is general in nature and can be applied to all businesses regardless of size – it will be as relevant to a business ready to scale as it is for a start up or micro-business founder.

In addition to being provide with specific content on the topic, our HOSTS provide mentoring LIVE in the online session AND you can connect with the other rural women who join the call.


Part of our journey to Thrive, Heal and Evolve includes developing ourselves personally. Each month we also look at a Virtue, designed to help us reflect and take a fresh perspective. We weave the monthly Virtue through our business training so we become stronger both personally and professionally.

About Our Speaker Dianna:

Dianna has the perfect mix of financial pragmatism and deep human understanding; she is an accountant, financial planner, and specialist in mindset and mindpower, and has many years experience in helping people unravel the emotional attachment to money so they can live wealthy and free. She is a guide, not a guru and is a humble and gentle soul who wants the best for everyone she connects with.

You can’t fix cashflow with cash!

Looking at all of the facets which drive income and derive profit, and how you CAN control / manage these.

Understand the WHOLE financial picture…. In basic English!

Do you know where your money is & what it’s doing for you? Your assets? Your liabilities? Your business? Your superannuation? Your insurances? Your Will? This doesn’t need to be complicated…. And build a good team

Superannuation – You CAN control this big nest egg you’ve forgotten all about!

We all have super, and it is often our 2nd-biggest asset, next to our homes, but we don’t manage it at all. We often have very valuable insurances in super too…. But these are at risk!

Basic Business Principals

Many of us run SME’s – small & medium entities – whether home-based businesses or something much larger. But we often experience ‘leakages’ because our businesses are not structured optimally.

Bringing it all together, to keep more $ in YOUR pocket!

Plug the leaks by correctly managing your financial affairs. Look at no-brainer ways to keep more of your own money, rather than having to ‘work harder’.