THE RW Members Training & Mentoring 2019

Every week, members of The Rural Woman can join in on LIVE online training and mentoring sessions hosted by some of Rural Australia’s leading experts who have been selected for their subject matter expertise in business, leadership and personal growth. This training is designed to grow their business, connect with each other and assist on our journey to #bloomwhereweareplanted.


Self-confessed Ideas Generating Machine



Each month we focus on a specific topic, designed to help you develop strategy and structure for business growth and development. The information provide is general in nature and can be applied to all businesses regardless of size – it will be as relevant to a business ready to scale as it is for a start up or micro-business founder.

In addition to being provide with specific content on the topic, our HOSTS provide mentoring LIVE in the online session AND you can connect with the other rural women who join the call.


Part of our journey to Thrive, Heal and Evolve includes developing ourselves personally. Each month we also look at a Virtue, designed to help us reflect and take a fresh perspective. We weave the monthly Virtue through our business training so we become stronger both personally and professionally.

About Our Speaker Cathryn :

Cathryn Mahon is a self-confessed Ideas Generating Machine. She loves developing new concepts and business ideas, and making her own opportunities. Her superpowers are being a disruptor (She was nicknamed Cyclone Cathryn by her kindergarten teacher!) idea generating, troubleshooting, talking to people & inspiring others.

Essentially, she has taken her superpowers, love of business, helping people and creating innovative ideas to establish Wild Dynamics. She not only helps her clients with growth strategies, marketing plans, & innovative processes, she helps them to overcome their own personal limiting beliefs to achieve success in all areas of their lives.

Find the right Social Media platform for YOU

With so many platforms out there it’s hard to know where is best to spend your time.

1. We will go through the different platforms and chat about the pros/cons of them.

2. We will also workshop how to leverage content across different platforms and why/ why not this is an effective strategy.

3. List of tools to help you on Social Media

Content Creation and Automation

There is so much noise on Social Media so how is it possible to stand out? We will go through some tools, infomation and tips that will see you showcasing your best self and promoting your business is an authentic and genuine way that will resonate with your ideal target market. Consistency is the most important aspect of Social Media especially if it’s your primary marketing platform. We will go through a few different automation tools to see you marketing in your sleep.

1.Stand out online with branded content graphics and learn to create engaging content from scratch .

2. Find your content topics.

3. Utilising automation tools

Q & A Brainstorming session OR Learn how to create a Facebook Ad from scratch.

Depending on what the group would like we will either have a Q & A or a blitz run through on how to create a Facebook Ad. This will be your opportunity to ask for advice, share your challenges and wins!! Show us what you have implemented from the previous 2 weeks and get knowledge to overcome any roadblocks you might be facing.

Building and Engaging your audience and Why supporting fellow business owners is the best thing you can do

When it comes to social media interaction is the aim of the game. Find out how you can increase engagement in your socials to boost that ever changing algorithm . Firstly we will talk about what algorithm is and how it effects you and your business.

1. How to boost your credibility and personal brand online

2. Audience engagment

3. The importance of supporting one another and how best to do it.