Thank-you for your interest in participating in the TRIAGE - Pitch Event for rural and regional women on 31st March.

Have a look at some of the amazing success stories from THE Rural Women who participated in previous events. Many have gone on to become highly successful! Achieving great satisfaction and benefits for their rural communities.

Abundance Clarence

This group pitched their idea for a women’s networking group – and made it a reality!

Virtual Cooeee

This idea was presented, and a coach reached out to support this group in bringing their idea to life. Two of the members took the opportunity and have created a business.

CROWN (Creative, Rural, Oberon Women Network)

Bringing women together to network and grow was perceived to be needed for women in the Oberon community. Participation in this event help make this a reality and it has been highly successful in the Oberon community.

Unearth your voice

This pitch was directed straight at THE Rural Woman for a series of workshops the group knew where needed. This idea was developed and launched with support from Regional Bank Australia to became a reality in 2021.

31st March 2022

THE Rural Woman The Rural Woman together with the State Government of NSW