RW Round-NEW-200

UNE & THE Rural Woman Research

Thank you for your interest in participating in this exciting research – we appreciate your time.

Key information

+ It will take you about 45mins – 1hr to complete this fully

+ If you can’t answer all the questions or they aren’t relevant to you skip them!

+ At the beginning of the survey, there are 2 PDF documents: the information sheet for participants and the online implied consent.

+ The information sheet for participants provide the information related to the research such as, the title, aim and objectives, type of questions, estimated completion time, data handling (including confidentiality, storage and disposal of information) and our contact details.

+ The online implied consent just confirms that the participation in this study is voluntary and that no name or signature is required to give consent. It is important for participants to download and read these two documents before continuing with the survey. I am attaching these 2 documents for your information.

+ Once you have read and agreed with these two documents, he/she can continue with the survey.

+ The survey has two buttons that allow the participant to navigate the survey: go backwards to the previous section or go forward to the next section. In doing so, the participant can inspect the questions and can change or edit his/her responses if required.

+ The participant can also stop answering the questions and come back at a later time (even days later) to continue with the survey.

+ The survey saves the responses once the participant clicks to button to go the next section.

+ All survey data is aggregated and can be provided anonymously if you choose

+ THE Rural Woman will not revive any information about who completes this survey or what specific answers are