Rural Woman, Unearth Your Voice

Learn how to use video to tell your story, master the media and achieve your goals

Watching the media, whether it’s on social or the nightly news, there is a lot of noise out there and it’s moving at a fast pace. Beyond the constant sound bites and snap chats is storytelling and our desire to connect with each other through shared experiences. Our brains are hardwired to think, learn, and act most effectively through stories. Sharing your experiences and what’s important to you, is an easy and effective way to create change, start conversations and connect with the people around you. However, we know sharing your own story on camera can feel uncomfortable, so we are going to walk you through creating a video of your story.

This course will help you get better at sharing your authentic story. You will consider why you want to tell your story, what aspects of your experience you want to share, and how you can best invite the audience to take action. The workshop will provide tools for storytelling including story craft and performance tools.

Key takeaways

We will cover:

  • Why share your story and how to craft a compelling story to achieve your business goals
  • How to record your story with accessible technologies
  • How to share your story through online channels and traditional media

You will get simple tips to develop practical video skills.

  1. You will film your 60 second story to use on socials, your website and for other promotions.
  2. A few course participants will be invited to be part of a collaborative Rural Woman film

Structure of the program

Course start date & welcome call:

  • 10 May 2021 – 11am

Workshop dates:

  • Friday May 14 – 10am
  • Saturday May 15 – 2pm
  • Saturday May 22 – 2pm

Details on the workshops

The workshop will consist of several elements: 

  1. Short videos for you to watch
  2. Simple worksheets to guide you through the exercises
  3. Zoom workshop sessions (share your experience and get feedback)

Information on the presenters

Edgars and Susannah founded the Grow Love Project to drive change. They combined their complementary skills in science, communication, education and media creation.

Susannah Kable and Edgars Greste

Susannah is a big picture thinker and lover of nature. She has 20 years experience in communications and stakeholder engagement. Edgars is an extroverted storyteller. He has been making films and taking photos since he was 9 years old. He has taught film production at TAFE and is the voice of the Grow Love Podcasts. They live with their two children in the Jervis Bay area.

The Grow Love Project is a social enterprise media company that shares a broad range of stories. We believe stories can challenge the dominant narrative, build community and deepen connection. In sharing stories we hope to inspire people to care for the earth and be kind to each other.

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