Find Your Healthy And
Balanced Life

This program will help you to heal and thrive in any crisis. Guiding you with the tools you need to effectively tackle stress and distractions, adopt successful thinking habits to build resilience and foster strong bonds.

Adversity to Advantage

Are you interested in expanding your knowledge in the foundational principles of wellbeing – moving beyond ‘being healthy’ to a lifestyle that nurtures mind, body and spirit?

Do you want to share the learning experience with other like-minded rural women at the same time as expanding your network and connections? Are you ready to truly #bloomwhereyouare and back yourself in the dreams you have of an holistically focused life of abundance, joy and freedom

Topic One- Crisis

To solve a problem it is important to know the problem.  In this topic over four weeks we will explore what is a crisis and the impacts it has on our life. Considering also the advantages of crisis and changing your perspective in order to build character.

Topic Two- Stress

This topic explore’s what stress and overwhlem looks and feels like and also the physical and mental impacts of stress. We will also consider the stages of grief, within the context of a long term crisis, such as what we are experiencing today.

Topic Three- Understand Mental Health

This topic dives into anxiety and depression including the warning signs of suicide. Over four weeks we will learn and  understand the different reactions to trauma people have. We will also give you the tools to be able to reach out and help someone experiencing mental health problems and the triggers for seeking help and resources available.

Topic Four- From Fear to Hope

This topic is about exploring how we can move from the feeling of isolation to connectedness. Assisting you with a mindset shift and opening new ways of seeing and believing. Focusing on resilience, gratitude and over the four weeks we will explore what hope means to you. You will see how powerful healing is to the body, mind and soul.

Calling all rural women… regardless of age or
stage this is the time to reclaim your advantage….

If you’ve been curious to learn more about Wellbeing – at it’s core, not just a theory or a principle, but something you can APPLY to your life every single day – AND you are ready to be supported by a group of like-minded women. Then this program is for you.

We Can Help You

  1. Have clarity on what kinds of tools you can be using to reclaim your wellbeing in a crisis
  2. Increase your confidence in using the tools for wellbeing
  3. Set goals for connection to overcome feelings of isolation
  4. Recognise the signs when isolation is becoming an issue and have a plan and steps to take to do something about it
  5. Feel connected to other participants in the program
  6. Avoid crisis through early intervention
  7. Create a life that is filled with joy, peace, one that will enable you to enjoy health and wealth
  8. Learn strategies to experience unstoppable confidence
  9. Breakthrough fear and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living a full life
  10. Recognise negative thought patterns and challenge them to turn them around to positive thoughts
  11. Understand the changes taking place in the body and mind
  12. Have a new group of friends/peers/mentors/community to connect to and ask for support and help in return
  13. Have a sense of support and that you have all they need within themselves  and within the community they are connected to


Addressing Mental Health in a Crisis

Becoming aware of the impacts of mental health, especially in a crisis. Helps us to understand how critical it is to look after our wellbeing and those around us – now more than ever. This program will give you the tools to be aware, understand and more importantly be responsible and take action. For it is only when we own the responsibility and take the action that we can rise up and move from adversity to advantage.


Introducing the

Wellbeing Program Facilitator
Priscilla Jaya

Priscilla Jaya is also called “The CPR Chick”.
Priscilla is a daughter, sister, and mum, she is Kintsugi art in reality.

As The CPR Chick, she is all about pouring life into dying situations.
Priscilla’s business was born out of the tragedy of losing her dear brother to suicide and the lack of CPR.

Today Priscilla wears many hats – She is a Speaker, Mental Health Coach, and trainer, a Distress Resolution Coach/Therapist, Well-being Trainer/ Health Coach along with being a Leadership Trainer and Coach. In her past life, she was an Intensive/Cardiothoracic Intensive Care RN.

Priscilla takes pride and pleasure in turning people’s crap into gold. Nothing makes her happier than to see people healing, recovering, transforming, and thriving.

The Wellbeing Program is structured four topics, each delivered over four weeks. Making the course bite-sized and packed full of great ideas, theories and practical tips to move you from Adversity to Advantage.

Each week you will receive access to short videos to watch before a group coaching session on Friday afternoon. You will also receive a workbook to help with your journey through the content.

Topic 1 – Crisis

Commences: October 11

Week 1 – Exploring what is a crisis, with a focus on the Pandemic and the role it has played in our lives

Week 2 – We will consider the impacts of crisis on our every day life, and considering the disadvantages.

Week 3 – Is where we will consider the advantages of crisis on our lives.

Week 4 – Is about changing perspective and building character and inner strength

Topic 2 – Stress

Commences: November 22

Week 1 – What stress and overwhelm look and feel like

Week 2 – Stages of grief, and exploring your own feleing of grief and bereavement or feeling of a loss

Week 3 – Exploring the physical impacts of stress

Week 4 – Understanding the mental impacts of stress

Topic 3 – Understand Mental Health

Commencing February 2022

Week 1 – What anxiety and depression look like and feel like

Week 2 – Exploring the warning signs of suicide

Week 3 – Understanding the impact of trauma and differentiating abnormal from normal

Week 4 – How to have reach out, help someone experiencing mental health problems

Topic 4 –  From Fear to Hope

Commencing April 2022

Week 1 – Moving from isolation to family connectedness

Week 2 – Creating a mindset shift in yourself

Week 3 – Exploring resilience and gratitude

Week 4 – Hope and healing for the body, mind and soul

So What’s In It For You?

It’s so important to show you that you are not alone!. By connecting women together from different parts of the world and from different industries and sectors, but who are singularly focused on improving their wellbeing – you can expand your peer group, connect with like-minded people AND build your community of practice.

There are lots of people sitting around saying ‘if only they did xyz…’, having great ideas that never get heard or see the light of the day. Activation means – the action or process of making something active or operative…. This is what we need right now! We want to help you unearth those treasures in your life, put some thinking and action into them and then share them far and wide and yield the great wellbeing from it.

If we learn to work together, better we’ll all succeed! And if we want to see it then we all need to lead it. It could be argued that this will be one of the most collaborative co-created programs EVER in Rural Australia… and you could be a pioneer in that movement!

Start Date

You are welcome to join one topic or all four as part of the complete program.

Topic One and the complete program will commence on 15 October 2022 with group coaching sessions on each Friday afternoon.

EOI closes:

1 October 2021

Who should express interest?

Women who are ready to take their wellbeing seriously and transform all aspects of their life. You must be willing to explore your whole self and expand the possibilities of just how amazing your life can be. Are you ready?!

COMPLETE program $4800

The Investment:

* Welcome workshop

* 16 weeks of course material

* 1 hour group coaching weekly 4 weeks

* 1 x 1:1 coaching session

* 12 months access to 1 x Bloom Stream


Step 1: Enter Your Contact Info So That We Can Send You Everything.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT INFORMATION this is an initiative of THE Rural Woman – a business that has delivered hundreds of successful online events and programs for rural women (and some lucky men) since 2014. These have included everything from 5 day 36 presenter Online Festival and 1 day 9 presenter workshops to 3 day Business Activation Experiences. We’ve also hosted 1 hour information sessions, 3 hour planning sessions, hot seat and mentoring experiences and virtual drinks and nibbles! We know what we are doing. More than 700 women have participated in our online Coaching, Mentoring & Development programs and we have an amazing experience development/events team who collectively have 100+ years experience at creating transformative, fun and engaging experiences and who have figured out how to take our knowledge in how to do this ‘in person’ and adapted it to work in the ‘online’ environment extremely successfully (actually…sometimes we think it works BETTER online!)