Adversity to Advantage

Managing Wellbeing in a Crisis

Mental health issues in personal and professional spaces are at critical levels.
Never before has collective wellbeing been so regarded and needed for our resilience and mojo for the future.

This program will help you to heal and thrive through any crisis. 

The full program consists of 4 unique courses of 4 modules.
Delivered fully online, this program is perfect for remote teams and building connections.

Course One
Crisis Management for Wellbeing

  • Crisis management vs management in a crisis.
  • The impact of wellbeing in a crisis – knowing the signs.
  • How to bring out the best in a crisis.
  • Perspective and character.

Course Two
Working with Grief and Stress

  • Stress, overwhelm, burnout. The signs, the facts.
  • The stages of grief and our collective grief.
  • The impact of grief and stress.
  • Strategies for grief and stress.

Course Three
Understanding Mental Health

  • What anxiety and depression look like.
  • Warning signs of suicide.
  • Impact of trauma – abnormal from normal.
  • How to reach out, support and help someone or if we are experiencing a mental health problem.

Course Four
Adversity to Advantage

  • From isolation to connection.
  • The Power of Mindset.
  • Resilience needs Gratitude.
  • Beyond trauma. Hope and healing for the body, mind and soul.

Select the course that is right for you or complete the full program.


Addressing Wellbeing and Mental Health

By the end of the program participants will see what is needed for a life of whole wellbeing and have clear strategies for personal care, working life and how to find support and give it in times of stress.


Introducing the

Wellbeing Program Facilitator
Priscilla Jaya

Mental Health Trainer/Coach and Beyond Blue speaker, Priscilla Jaya wears many hats. Along with her work in mental health she is a distress resolution specialist, a health and leadership coach.

Priscilla was once an Intensive/Cardiothoracic Intensive Care RN. Her work changed direction following the loss of her dear brother to suicide and the lack of CPR. 

Priscilla is a daughter, sister, and mum; and now known as “The CPR Chick” pouring life into dying situations.

Nothing makes her happier than seeing people healing, recovering, transforming, and thriving.


Course 1: Crisis Management for Wellbeing

Start Date: 5 November 2021

Course 2: Working with Grief and Stress.

Start Date: February 2022

Course 3: Understanding Mental Health

Start Date: April 2022

Course 4: Adversity to Advantage

Start Date: June 2022

THE Rural Woman uses Mighty Networks as our platform for delivering content, communicating and building community. all course content will be delivered through this platform.
Self-paced = you will be given the content and a PDF workbook to download and work through at your own pace
Facilitated = you work through the content, and meet weekly with the facilitator of the program for group coaching
Program = Is the entire Wellbeing program (16 weeks of content)
Course = 4 weeks of content


  • Supported by our Wellbeing facilitator
  • Self-paced, do-it-yourself
  • 4 weeks of recorded content
  • 16 weeks of recorded content
  • Workbook
  • Welcome workshop
  • Group coaching
  • 1 to 1 coaching session
  • 12 months access to Bloom wellbeing stream
Self paced per Course
  • Additional
  • Additional
Self paced Program
  • Additional
Facilitated Per Course
  • Additional
  • Additional
Facilitated Full Program

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