Are you interested in expanding your knowledge in the foundational principles of wellbeing – moving beyond ‘being healthy’ to a lifestyle that nurtures mind, body and spirit?

Do you want to share the learning experience with other like-minded rural women at the same time as expanding your network and connections?

Are you ready to truly #bloomwhereyouare and back yourself in the dreams you have of an holistically focused life of abundance, joy and freedom?!


A Whole Life Of Wellbeing

We are seeking Expressions of Interest from women from across Australia – and the world – who would like to participate in a revolutionary new program, specifically designed FOR rural women and delivered BY rural women who are wanting to improve their knowledge and application of wellbeing in all aspects of their life. 

Phase 1 – 8 Week Online Activation program – A Whole Life Of Wellbeing

Phase 2 – 12 months Weekly support in the form of Masterclasses, Peer to Peer learning, 1:1 Mentoring & Live Q&A with Subject Matter Experts in a range of topics focused on the 12 foundational aspects of Wellbeing – Continuity program


Calling all rural women… regardless of age or stage there is always time to reclaim your wholeness and choose wellbeing….

If you’ve been curious to learn more about Wellbeing – at it’s core, not just a theory or a principle, but something you can APPLY to your life every single day – AND you are ready to be supported by a group of like-minded women + amazing mentors on a YEAR LONG JOURNEY… then Express Your Interest TODAY!

We Can Help You

  • Have clarity on what kinds of tools you can be using to reclaim your wellbeing in multiple aspects including physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.
  • Increase your confidence in using the tools for wellbeing
  • Identify and implement self-care 
  • Set goals for connection to overcome feelings of isolation
  • Recognise the signs when isolation is becoming an issue and have a plan and steps to take to do something about it
  • Feel connected to other participants in the program 
  • Avoid crisis through early intervention
  • Create a life that is filled with joy, peace, one that will enable you to enjoy health and wealth.
  • Learn strategies to experience unstoppable confidence.
  • Breakthrough fear and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living a full life.
  • Recognise negative thought patterns and challenge them to turn them around to positive thoughts
  • Understand the changes taking place in the body/ mind during prime time 
  • Identify and appreciate the creative aspect of your being. 
  • Recognise and nurture the spiritual being in you.
  • Have a new group of friends/peers/mentors/community to connect to and ask for support and help in return
  • Have a sense of support and that you have all they need within themselves  and within the community they are connected to 
  • Have an understanding and are clear on what is next beyond the 8 weeks and what help is available to them and in what form that takes
  • Have a shared experience that provides the opportunity for group connection, common ground, team building, fun, community exploration, connection to partners and THE RW Team and the practical implementation of the learnings of the previous weeks

Commences Friday 23rd October 2020

We are looking for at least 30 women to commit and participate and fund their place – so please share with your like minded peers and colleagues!

What will you learn?


During the first 8 weeks you will learn the Foundational Principles of Wellbeing.

Your Guide

These sessions are hosted by Priscilla Jaya.

Priscilla, The CPR Chick, is your one-stop-shop for Body, Mind and Soul upgrade! Having worked as an RN in the Cardiothoracic ICU and General Intensive Care unit for over 16 years, she has an extensive knowledge about the body, its mechanisms, the impact, prevention and management of chronic diseases. Priscilla’s business – The CPR Chick – was born after the tragedy of losing her younger brother to suicide and to the lack of CPR skills. Being in the business of saving lives, she has jump-started many hearts and witnessed the power of CPR. The CPR Chick is on a mission to save lives through education. Today Priscilla wears many hats. She is a Health Coach, Mental Health trainer, Leadership trainer, speaker and coach. She understands the power of the Body, Soul, and Mind connection, and simplifies complex medical terms so you can remember, and implement. Her content delivery is very informal, relaxed and safe. Her approach is holistic and she doesn’t mind bragging that her superpowers are pretty amazing – teaching life-saving skills and inspiring people to be agents of hope and recovery. When she is not busy saving lives The CPR Chick is busy enjoying life with her lil Miss Chook.

Week 1 – Introduction to Wellbeing – in this session you will define and understand what wellbeing means and identify the different aspects of wellbeing. You will be able to identify AND correct behaviours that are currently interrupting your Wellbeing and be able to see what is causing you discomfort and know how to shift. You will learn self-care strategies that go beyond a ‘massage or a bath’ and help you treat and pamper your body, mind and spirit and you will lay a great foundation for your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


Week 2 – Exploring Your Physical Wellbeing – in this session you will realise the importance of making health a ‘hobby’ you love and you will replace the attitude of ‘I have no time’ to ‘NOW is the time!’. With the tools you will learn in this session you will have more energy and be reducing your risk of diabetes, stroke and hypertension. You will be able to model healthy eating and movement habits for the next generation – ensuring your children are well too. Together we’ll apply skills to plan meals, read labels before buying food, understand the difference between real food and processed food and make great choices for physical wellbeing.


Week 3 – Enhancing your Emotional and Mental Wellbeing – in this session you will define mental/emotional wellness and illness so you are clear about the difference. You will learn strategies to help you accept emotions as a holistic part of self (you may even come to like them, even the uncomfortable ones). You will learn to reduce and manage stress and be able to recognize the EARLY symptoms and intervene so you avoid burnout. You will develop your capacity to empathise and practice non-judgemental communication and connection (mental-health communication).


Week 4 – How can you experience Social Wellbeing – in this session you will recognise the capacity of a solid social network as a preventative factor for mental illness and how to move on from people who are not healthy for your social well being. You will find ways to make more time for the people and social activities that are important to you and will reflect on the relationships you have to build and strengthen positive connections. You will learn how to create a conducive social environment in which you can grow an thrive. You will identify ways to connect with and discover your own ‘culture’ and appreciate other cultures too. You will learn ways to connect and bond both face to face and virtually AND expiring the ‘givers high’ through your contribution – rather than the depletion that can so often come from giving more than you have.


Week 5 – Integration and ‘hot seat’ – this session is an open Q&A session and provides an opportunity for you to catch up on course material, deep dive into concepts already learned in a 1:1 hotseat and invites a more practical application of material in a group session.


Week 6 – The value of Spiritual Wellbeing – in this session you will recognise the potential of faith/spirituality in the overall development of mind, body and spirit. You will develop the muscle of ‘faith over matter’ and learn to manage pain or eliminate it all together. You’ll also learn strategies to let go of emotional baggage and develop a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in your life. You’ll learn mindfulness and gratitude strategies to reconnect to your spiritual self and you will also experience mindful breathing and meditation techniques to calm the mind and connect you to something greater than yourself.


Week 7 – Getting to know your Intellectual and Creative Wellbeingin this session you will be introduced to the ‘intelligence of your being’ and recognise the intellectual faculty as an integral part of the whole. You will tune into the creativity that will enable you to deal with uncertainty and increase your positive emotions more of the time, despite the circumstances you might find yourself in. You will awaken the sleeping beauty of creativity within and gain skills in integrating knowledge and how to use your intellectual and creative capacity in judgement, crisis management and recovery. Through creative expression you will learn to copy with daily demands, problems and pressure more effectively.


Week 8 – Integration and ‘hot seat’ – this session is an open Q&A session and provides an opportunity for you to catch up on course material, deep dive into concepts already learned in a 1:1 hotseat and invites a more practical application of material in a group session.

Online Delivery methods

  • Live Online Masterclass (also recorded for watching later)
  • Course Material including worksheets/videos etc
  • Workshops
  • 1:1 Mentoring 
  • Peer to peer mentoring


For the 12 months after completion of the 8 Week program (commence January 2021), you will receive access to continuous weekly LIVE online support through our Continuity program which incorporates weekly live online training and peer to peer mentoring in regenerative food and agricultural production. Each month is hosted by a rurally based subject matter expert who will share their knowledge on the specific topic in 4 sessions. Each session is shared LIVE online and then recorded and made available in a course for access at a time that’s convenient to you.

The Topics for the following 12 months (commencing January 2021) will be:

January Emotional Wellbeing
February Physical Wellbeing
March Creative Wellbeing
April Financial Wellbeing
May Environmental Wellbeing
June Occupational Wellbeing
July Spiritual Wellbeing
August Intellectual Wellbeing
September Sexual Wellbeing
October Relational Wellbeing
November Technological Wellbeing
December Mystical Wellbeing

So What’s In It For You?

  • Connection
    It’s so important to show you that you are not alone!. By connecting women together from different parts of the world and from different industries and sectors, but who are singularly focused on improving their wellbeing – you can expand your peer group, connect with like-minded people AND build your community of practice.
  • Activation
    There are lots of people sitting around saying ‘if only they did xyz…’, having great ideas that never get heard or see the light of the day. Activation means – the action or process of making something active or operative…. This is what we need right now! We want to help you unearth those treasures in your life, put some thinking and action into them and then share them far and wide and yield the great wellbeing from it.
  • Collaboration
    If we learn to work together, better we’ll all succeed! And if we want to see it then we all need to lead it. It could be argued that this will be one of the most collaborative co-created programs EVER in Rural Australia… and you could be a pioneer in that movement!

What Next

  1. You Express Interest
  2. We need 30 or more women who will commit to participating in the whole program – commencing October 2020 to proceed
  3. You will receive a call from one of our team members to discuss your interest and next steps.
  4. We’ll get started with the first session.

The Requirements

  1. A desire or a current commitment to improving your knowledge and application of wellbeing in your life
  2. A passion for lifelong learning
  3. A commitment to your own personal growth and development
  4. A willingness to commit to a weekly online session for 52 weeks
  5. Internet access or a phone and access to a computer.
  6. Open mind and excited heart

Important Disclaimer:

This opportunity has the potential to change your life for the better! It is an amazing way for you to connect with like-minded rural women as well as being able to improve your own skills and knowledge. BUT, it’s not a quick fix. We want you to DO something with what you learn and achieve! We’ll provide you with connection to experts, tools, systems and information and great people – but it’s up to you what you do with it – and there are no guarantees. We can’t promise you all the success you dream of..because people are people. What we do know is that the women who show up, do the work and implement – get results – 100% of the time! AND we can promise to deliver a fun, unique, interactive and dynamic experience that will yield some known outcomes and some fabulously left field ones we couldn’t ‘predict’ but are sure will be awesome! We’re asking you to give yourself the chance to learn, grow and expand yourself!

Start Date

Expression of Interest are NOW OPEN

EOI closes:

16th October 2020

Who should express interest?:

Women who are ready to take their wellbeing seriously and transform all aspects of their life. You must be willing to explore your whole self and expand the possibilities of just how amazing your life can be. Are you ready?!

The Investment:

$40/week (52 weeks) or
$175/month (12 months) or
$1000/month (2 months) or
$1998 upfront


Step 1: Enter Your Contact Info So That We Can Send You Everything.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT INFORMATION this is an initiative of BOWABIRDs & THE Rural Woman – a business that has delivered hundreds of successful online events and programs for rural women (and some lucky men) since 2014. These have included everything from 5 day 36 presenter Online Festival and 1 day 9 presenter workshops to 3 day Business Activation Experiences. We’ve also hosted 1 hour information sessions, 3 hour planning sessions, hot seat and mentoring experiences and virtual drinks and nibbles! We know what we are doing. More than 700 women have participated in our online Coaching, Mentoring & Development programs and we have an amazing experience development/events team who collectively have 100+ years experience at creating transformative, fun and engaging experiences and who have figured out how to take our knowledge in how to do this ‘in person’ and adapted it to work in the ‘online’ environment extremely successfully (actually…sometimes we think it works BETTER online!)