What is RURAL?

Rural is a MINDSET not a GEOGRAPHY

As our community expands and grows (how exciting) a few people have been asking if they are ‘rural’ enough to be here.

Our simple answer is this…..

Rural isn’t a definition of WHERE you live, it’s HOW you live and WHO you are!

If you are passionate about the advancement of rural women and girls and you desire (for yourself and them) #thriving, #healing and #evolving and you believe in:

  • cooperation and collaboration
  • abundance
  • openness
  • generosity
  • curiosity and
  • connection

then you ARE, in our minds and hearts, RURAL!



Our Values


Everyone chooses to be here; we all have free will.


Be clear in your understanding of yourself, and it will radiate to all other areas. Make sure you are understood too.


Together, it is better to find ways to create mutually beneficial outcomes in all situations.


Speak, listen, hear, ask, be truthful, and communicate honestly and respectfully at all times. Use the tools we have created for you to share the journey.


Lead with unconditional compassion as a first response, always.


This is not ego; this is cultivating your inner knowing of worthiness, love, and respect, which you will exude naturally and peacefully.


This is key for everything, remain connected and present in your life, and this will flow into your work.


What we do is enough, but we can always do better.


Be brave and do the work required of yourself so that you can lead others. Take responsibility for everything that shows up in your life and act accordingly. Be brave enough to ask for help if you need it.


Be passionate, express it, think outside the square, and innovate.


Light-hearted wonderment and curiosity. Curiosity is open and is a counter to judgment. Instead of judging something as ‘good or bad’, be curious about it.


Everyone has agency over their own lives; we invite full responsibility.


Physical, psychological, and emotional safety are paramount, and it’s our shared responsibility to seek, receive, and create safety in all spaces.


We do what we say we will.

7 Principles of a Cooperative

Voluntary and open membership

Democratic member control (1 Member = 1 vote)

Member economic participation

Education, training and information

Autonomy and independence

Cooperation among Cooperatives

Concern for community